Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vermont: Part III

Last Friday was one of my favorite days.  Not just in Vermont - one of my favorite days ever.  First, we visited beautiful Middlebury and found some of my favorite Vermont-y things (Danforth Pewter and homemade soaps).  I bought the exact earrings on the first page of that link!  We also bought the 2010 Christmas ornament, which is still making me very happy.  (See, it's like one mind with Jen and me.  Before I'd even asked her if we could get a Danforth ornament, she bought me one.  Now we'll have two!)  Then it was off to the soap factory where we smelled lavender (yum) and other great stuff and also the garlic from the caterer next door.  Delicious?  I want to take a bath?  I couldn't tell.
At the soap factory, Brian and Ben got to know Vermont.
Jen is about to help Henry with his coat.  

That afternoon we went to a Halloween party at the grade school.  Bridget FINALLY got to wear the precious Cinderella Wedding Dress.
Spreading the glitter love.  We packed this thing in her carry-on.  We didn't check any luggage.  My smartest move ever was putting this dress in a plastic bag THEN the little suitcase.
In case you can't tell, this is classic.  Weston is wearing a scary mask, Henry wants Weston out of his face, and Bridget's princess photo op is officially over.
Henry getting into that costume for the 100th time in an hour.  Just be the frog, dude!
Not much candy at this crazy party in the lunchroom, but Bridget did get some cool stickers.
I believe this was when Henry shouted, "I CAN'T WORK LIKE THIS!  I'M OFF THE PROJECT!"  Then he walked home.
Here's Weston and one of his friends, who was so adorable I couldn't stand it.
I risked Henry darting into the road to get a shot of those spectacular trees right outside the school.  (Secretly Brian was standing by to catch him.)

Sharing candy.  Friends again.
Jen and Ben's house bathed in the setting sun light.
Friday night we went on a date.  A real date.  The kind where we left the house with Bridget crying and burying her sorrows in cousin Ethan's shoulder.  Sad.  But so worth it!  What a joy to have a real conversation with Jen and Ben and to be dressed up and in a fancy place.  It was my favorite night in a very long time.
This is Tourterelle where we had dinner.
I was the only tacky one who asked for tap water.  I stand by my choice.  (I also had the duck - I'm up for adventure when it comes to food.  Sparkling water tastes like it's missing syrup to me.)

We finished the night playing a well-researched game of Rook with Ben, Jen, and Taylor.  I remember laughing hard and having so much fun, but I can't remember what was so funny.  So strange that Taylor is a teenager!  And a fun, intelligent teenager.  He's truly a pleasure.


Jess said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! With the exception of the airport, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. A very picturesque one at that.

Jill said...

Vermont looks lovely, and I'm with you on the tap water. People think I'm crazy, but I swear it tastes better!

allyn said...

lovely,lovely. i love that ethan loves little kids and animals. he loved noah and was passionate about zeus. everything in vermont seems so much better. the grass is always greener, though. i miss jen, but i get to see her soon! yayayay

amylouwho said...

I need some real sisters. stat.