Monday, December 13, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: December Birthday Parties

This is a week early, but I want to do it now.  Before my reign as Mayor of Crazytown begins officially, you know.  Jennie's first birthday!  Celebrated in a basement apartment with the grandparents and a set of great-grandparents present.  What could be better?
That's a Young Dad in the background and Grandpa Curtis trying to feed Jen some cake.  Officially Jen's son Henry does not look like her (I need to get back to that later - the obsession I share with a lot of people when it comes to who people look like), but I think I've seen this expression on his face before.  The twinkle of mischief, the plump cheeks, not to mention the wispy old man hair.
Apparently no one threw a party like my parents.  Here are Grandma Shirley, Great Grandma Bessie and Great Grandpa Milton bringing down the house.  Notice the fake brick fireplace next to Great Grandpa.  CLASSIC!

I'm in that room somewhere because I was born two days before this party.  That's the kind of crazy my parents are.  The very next year, 1974, I had my own first birthday party in the same basement with the added bonus of Dad's Uncle Ray and Aunt Margaret attending with their son, Dean Ray.
Dean Ray possesses the legen...WAIT FOR IT...dary red hair that every mother dreams her daughter will get.  I'm curious as to why Jen and I are wearing shoes (if that's what we're calling my moccasins) on the couch. 
Awwww - what an adorable baby I was.  I could be smiling at the singing or the fire or the cake.  My Mom is 24 years old and my Dad is 25 years old in this photo, which means Grandpa Curtis is still in his 40s here.  There is Great Grandpa Milton in the background next to his grandson, Dean Ray.
I'm actually kind of surprised no one ate me up - that's how cute. :)


Angie said...

Blonde curls?! You were a cute baby.

Mom said...

Sorry to keep making corrections, but this was in our duplex apartment across from the rest home. I don't know why you had shoes on, but nothing could have hurt that couch! We definitely had the most adorable babies! Happy Birthday to both of you next week!

Jess said...

Adorable. You were both cute babies. If you are comparing baby pictures, you have compared Jen's to Candy's, right? Very similar.

melissa said...

Probably the most edible baby I've ever seen. "No one threw a party like my parents" has made me laugh all day. Thanks, man.

melissa said...
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Bump and Erin said...

These pictures are priceless! Happy Birthday to you both! Good luck in the upcoming few weeks!!

Katy said...

You know the saying, 'You take the party with you'? Grandma sure did bring it! I love to see baby pictures of my sisters-you are so cute!