Monday, April 25, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Blessing Makenzie, March 1982

I wanted to find some photos of an Easter celebration, but all I've got on that is some stuff from 1990.  Big hair, big glasses, acid washed jeans.  I feel no nostalgia for those things.  Instead, let's continue my proof sheet series with some shots of the party after Makenzie's blessing in March 1982.  These were taken in and around our house on Main Street in Oakley, Idaho. 
From left to right we have Aunt Candace (in her early 20s), Aunt Beverly and Uncle Larry (PDA) and my Mom.  Above their heads is a strange diamond thing made of yarn that haunts my dreams.
Next door at the old seminary building, Grandpa Lloyd Furniss had us jump off the porch a dozen times while he took pictures.  That's Allyn on the left, then Jennie, Me, and our cousin, Sheri.  Fancy boots on Sheri and me.
I love this shot of Jen.  That's Allyn sitting next to her and I think Gene Busby on Allyn's left.  There are ten little kids sitting at this table.  (The broom behind Jen's head also haunts me.)
Melissa and Koryn at the same table.  Are Jen and Koryn wearing the same sweater?
And finally the guest of honor - Grandma Eunice Busby. And beautiful Baby Makenzie.  What a great blessing dress!


melissa said...

So many treasures. For reals about that yarn diamond. Why is it creepy? "Eunice? That's a person named Eunice?"

allyn said...

sweetsweet pictures. makenzie's dress is so delicate and beautiful. aunt candace is looking ravishing. uncle larry looks like he would rather be at the oakley hotel alone with aunt bev. and mom looks a little tiny bit tired. i have that look to look forward to in a few months, i suppose.

Jess said...

I made one of those yarn things in elementary school. I think they called it "Ojo de Dios" or eye of God or something. That makes it sound even more creepy. :) I may have to steal that picture of Don's mom for our "Talent Show". Thanks for posting!

Jen said...

Does anyone else think that Mom is hogging a box of See's? Makenzie looks like she's boxing Gma Eunice. Never mind the sweater- you realize that I'm wearing "knickers", right?

Jen said...

Ok, I'm not wearing knickers. But I did wear knickers with that sweater. Burgundy ones.