Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey, You There

A few days ago I noticed Emil staring at Colin.  Several minutes later Emil was still staring at Colin.  It was like Emil was seeing Colin for the first time.  When they are next to each other, Emil always has a hand on Colin, but he's never really looking at him.  Colin looks uncomfortable with this attention.
Now Emil is trying to take down the Sesame Street gym with his bare hands.  Colin is secretly scooting away from the situation and I am blowing his cover.
"Mom, will you get me a Phillips-head screw driver?"
Now they can laugh about it.  Being a baby is an emotional roller coaster.


allyn said...

yay, colin likes the camera now. that is a funny thought that emil just realized there was someone else in the world at all times next to him. thanks for the window into your world. it's ALMOST like being there, but not quite as wonderful.

Katy said...

Ha ha ha! Emotional rollercoaster! How nice to never be alone in the world.