Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Four Months

Today is Emil and Colin's four month birthday.  I'm going to save their performance review until Thursday or Friday after their doctor appointment so that I will be able to record their weight more specifically than "a ton."  Meanwhile, we finally got Colin awake with everyone and dressed in his super hero uniform.  This will make you think twice about being on the wrong side of the law!
A Three Hero Party
This photo makes me want to kiss all those little chins.


Mom said...

Cute, cute! Colin is so one of the guys.:)

allyn said...

hiphiphooray for the the piglet and the pooh! you are so lucky to have so many heroes in your house. you should take a picture with you wearing your wonderwoman shirt, don'tyouthink?

Kellie said...

I feel so safe knowing your kids are in the world! I love the looks on all 3 of their faces. "Yea. We're cool superheros. What about it?"