Friday, May 27, 2011

A Fine Day at the Park... in the Mall

Makenzie and I finally found a day we could play and it ended up being windy and chilly outside, so our plan to go to a real park was foiled.  Luckily I had to pick up my winnings (from a drawing on Saturday - a cosmetics bag with a sample of some Paris Hilton perfume.  Thanks?), which means I had TWO reasons to go to the University Mall. 

There is more than a year between them, but Gabriel and Bridget are about the same size and they both like to run.  It's fun that they're always so happy to see each other.
At the top of the slide, but only for a second.
Emil got in some quality time with Future Cousin and Aunt Makenzie.
Claire was always close by the big kids.  When she caught up with them, she'd usually just stand there wondering what to do next.  In the background you can see Bridget and Gabriel getting instructions from some bigger, mean boys to stay where they were and not follow them.  As.  If.
Colin really wanted to play with Claire, but her interest in babies is minimal.
There is a better photo of these two, but someone was coming out of the ladies room in the background and I couldn't bring myself to publish it even though I don't know the woman.

We stopped at See's Candies for a free gold coin chocolate for the kids and a treat for us for under a dollar.  Gabriel spied a foil-wrapped chocolate in the shape of a clown with the picture on the package of the clown.  "It's a Mommy!"  Hmmm.  (It's so wrong, but that is still making me laugh out loud.  His Mommy's hair is kind of orange...)  Makenzie braved The Disney Store with Bridget, Gabriel, and Claire while I ran to Macy's to pick up my prize.  I was stopped several times, which amazes me a little.  I'm walking fast, I have a huge diaper bag on my shoulder and I'm pushing two babies.  Sure!  I'll try your crazy nail buffer and answer all your stupid questions!

After the mall we picked up Daddy for our weekly lunch date.  This week we tried a hole-in-the-wall Peruvian place with fantastic cheese empanadas.  Brian ordered me a meat pie that appeared to have raisins and eggs and meat in it.  I'm out.  I'll try some crazy food, but don't put raisins and meat and eggs into a calzone and expect me to eat the whole thing.


Katy said...

Ha ha! Love that last bit about the crazy food. How nice to have some Martinez time so cousins and sisters can play.

melissa said...

Jeff just said, "Who's that girl standing next to Gabriel?" What?! He's so busted. Clearly, he doesn't read your blog.

Thanks for the clown mommy candy laugh.

I usually stear clear of food where many unusual ingredients can hide together easily. Like jello salads, Indian food, and Peruvian empanadas. No charge.

kenzie said...

I'm so hilarious to Colin:) My kids are still talking about Bridgie and the babies.