Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is a VERY Big Day

On Friday Bridget graduated from preschool.  Can you believe it?!  For the first few days of school she would cling to me and tell me she didn't want to stay without me, but she sucked it up and powered through.  Since January she's been riding to school almost every time with her friend Reagan.  The few times I did take her, she was happy to jump out of the van and go in the door all by herself.

Miss Jeanna and Miss Heather did a really fun program where we got to see all the things the class has learned in preschool.  I also got to see what Bridget was talking about with a certain little boy who shall remain nameless since I don't remember his name.  That little dude is indeed "crazy."

They sang songs and did their little parts (Bridget is standing next to Reagan and another friend, Tate).  Bridget memorized her part and did it by herself.  "In April, the very wet preschooler talked about a rainbow and seeds we can sow."
One of the many highlights was "Tootie Ta."  Bridget has been trying to explain this song to me for weeks!  She can never remember all the steps and gets frustrated that I don't know it so I can't remind her.  (Yesterday at dinner she informed me that there is a "new" princess and she saw her movie at Clara's house.  Her name is Princess Buttercup.  Ha!  Finally my memorization of that movie comes in handy to freak out my 4 year-old.  "How do you know her?!")
Daddy took his lunch break to be with us, which made it even more special.  (My friend Megan stayed with the babies so we didn't have to do any wrestling.  Saved!)
The preschool theme was Zoo this year, so all the kids wore masks.  Bridget wore her mask into two stores with me and the boys after graduation.  Kind of creepy.  Next up, kindergarten!  Maybe by August I will be out of panic mode about sending her off on a bus to school. 

Later on Friday I had my piano recital.  Bridget has been one of my students this semester and she agreed to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the recital.  I told her I would play the duet with her if she wanted, but she always insisted she'd do a solo.  When she started to waver and say she didn't want to play in the recital, I told her she could wear her temple dress for her performance.  Sold! 
After a little moment of doubt, Bridget sat on the front row with the rest of my students before her number.  She asked me to play the duet with her at the last minute, which was secretly so fun for me.  She played it perfectly!  After her song she got down and took a quick bow, then sat back on the front row for the rest of the recital.  I know she's my daughter and I would be proud no matter what, but I'm still getting teary thinking about how amazing Bridget is.  She is so shy and quiet, but she doesn't let that stop her from doing things.


Mom said...

That's a lot to pack into a day! I'm glad you made it through. Bridget is awesome! I would love to have seen the duet. Enjoy your summer off.

melissa said...

Wow, that is a big day! Way to go, Bridget! You are the prettiest preschool graduate in all the land.

Kristi said...

I was wondering if Bridget was into the Princess Bride or if it was just Clara. They've asked to watch it both times she has been here. :) "Iocane! I'd bet my life on it!"