Monday, June 20, 2011

A Father's Day Birthday

I was so busy trying to get the boys' attention that I didn't notice Bridget zoning out.  Oh well.  Still cute.

Brian's birthday was yesterday AND it was Father's Day.  You know you're meant to be a great dad when you're born on a day that could be Father's Day.  We made him his favorite breakfast and gave him a few presents.  He deserves a lot more.  I plan to dedicate Family History Photo Monday to him later, but I had to share this photo first.  It's my new favorite.  The four people I love the best.  :)


melissa said...

Happy Birther's Day, Brian! What a pretty family you have!

allyn said...

i am number 5 right. that is such a sweet picture. we thought of brian yesterday. he probably didn't know that, but it is true. i hope it was a perfect day for him.

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful birthday presents you are holding on your lap. You really don't need a lot more unless, maybe energy. Mom