Monday, July 18, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Grandpa Furniss and His Camera

I don't know who took this or where it was taken, but I love it.  Grandpa Furniss was so clean-shaven and particular about his appearance, but in this one he looks like he just climbed out of his tent for some picture-taking at dawn on a chilly morning.  He got the best shots because he was unobtrusive - people (and sometimes animals) acted natural around him because they didn't realize he was there.  At Grandpa's funeral I realized there was a whole side to him that I never got to see.  He loved the outdoors, hiking and camping.  Who knew?  I should have guessed with all the beautiful landscape photos he had.  How else would he get them. 


Allison and Noah Riley said...

So handsome! You're right - I never really thought about Grandpa being out the wilderness to capture these shots. Awesome.

allyn said...

that's a very "true grit" picture of gpa. rugged handsomeness. i think of his hands being very small and clean and well-manicured, so it is hard to picture him in the outdoors, but he did love it.