Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Someone Here is Having the BEST SUMMER EVER

Bridget woke up Sunday morning and there was a cousin sleeping on the floor at her feet.  Not just any cousin, CHLOE!  I thought maybe it would take them a moment to get to know each other again.  They're both pretty shy.  I didn't take into account that they're both also 5 year-old girls.  I took these photos before 7:00 in the morning.  What are you going to do the second you wake up when you're 5 years-old and your favorite cousin is in your room?  Play dolls, silly!

On Monday, before the festivities of the 4th of July, Bridget had Clara AND Chloe to play with for a few hours.  Brian set up her pool in the backyard and when the girls got tired of that action, they dressed up as princesses.  (We left the pool up yesterday and had Kodi come over for a little while.  Watching the two of them made me wish I was having Bridget's summer.  Because it's kind of awesome.)
I love that Chloe is in the background chillin' in the pool.  And look at my gorgeous tomatoes!  We will eat them later.
I'm experimenting with some Picnik finishes.  It's the 1960s!
Look at those smiles!  Except Clara - getting married is serious business. :)
That's more like it.
They were cute from every angle.
This is what they did when I asked them to pose like a princess.  Clara got hypnotized by Rapunzel's hair, so it took her a minute to get into a pose.  By the time she did, the other two were done.  Bridget's doing the pose that all of her princesses are doing in her paper doll book.  You have no idea how funny that is.


Jen said...

Let's try that when we come! Plant Ethan at the foot of her bed in the night....hahahahaha!!!

Katy said...

Oh I love it! Love Bridgie's pose at the end!

allyn said...

chloe and bridget are totally in sync. chloe is so modest in her princess dress with the tshirt under it.