Monday, September 19, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Colin Chester and Other People

Colin Chester is standing on our right.
 I hesitate to even post this picture since I don't know anyone but Colin Chester.  For a while I thought maybe it was him with his siblings (William, Charles, Lucy, Frederick, and Hattie), but there is only one other man and there are three women.  Maybe it's a school picture?  Maybe these are friends?  Cousins?  The woman  standing next to Colin looks a lot older than him, though.  (Colin's mother had long since passed away by the time this was taken.)  The woman sitting on the right looks so much like my Grandma Carol Furniss (Colin's daughter). 

Any ideas?


Mom said...

Fascinating! I have no clue who the others are, but it's nice to see my grandpa looking like a happy young person. He always seemed to have a lot of worries when I knew him, but I was pretty young.
Thanks for posting this!

allyn said...

i was thinking that they look like they are posing for their school a cappella group or some such thing. how in the world did they accomplish those hairstyles?

Anonymous said...

Thanx for this picture. My mother wrote to Colin more than once concerning the Chester family genealogy. I am amazed how much he looks like my Grandfather's family. My grandfather was John Fred Ashby and his mother was Ann Chester, (William's sister).
I talked to Carol once via phone when I was in Soda Springs and my Mom used to correspond with her concerning genealogy.