Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lose Something?

After brushing her teeth this morning, Bridget's loose tooth fell out.  She asked us to write a note to the Tooth Fairy and make sure to tell her to only take the tooth in the little box.  Leave the rest in Bridget's mouth.

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RCH said...

1. Yay! Congrats, Bridget! I love the note. :-)

2. OMG, THANK YOU for this post. Dos lost a tooth a couple days ago and the tooth fairy has forgotten to come two whole nights in a row. (Dos didn't mention it after the first night and it fell off the TF's radar without that reminder.) She was in tears yesterday, though, and we had to write a note for the third night. ("Dear Tooth Fairy, I hope you're not dead....") Thanks to this post, it has now been taken care of -- with interest. (Our TF leaves dollar gold coins, and for every night she doesn't come right away she leaves another one; this is the first time any one has ever gotten more than $2 for a single tooth.)

3. I hope your TF will be more on the ball than ours has proven to be. But if not, here are some explanations we've used with success:

* There's a bug going around; maybe she got sick. But I'm sure she'll come tonight.

* Did you stay in your own bed all night long? She doesn't come if she thinks you might wake up in the middle of it! Try again and she'll probably come tonight.

* You know, I bet your tooth wasn't on her list of teeth to take because it got knocked out, instead of getting wiggly and falling out. Maybe she didn't know it was ready yet. I bet she'll come tonight.

4. I'm astonished my kids still believe. :-P Here's to many happy years of adorable belief for Bridget and (eventually) the boys! :-)