Monday, December 12, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Christmas 1974 at Grandma's House

Christmas morning at Grandma's house in 1974!  And it's early, for Jennie and me anyway.  Serious bed face in the next few pictures.  I love these photos.  My babies are the same age now that I am in these pictures.  My pants are rolled in half (did they not double roll pant legs in the 1970s?).  There are quite a few of these, but only because I couldn't choose. 
Awwww.  That's my Uncle Mark saying hello to me while Jennie tries to open something. What a sweet expression on Uncle Mark's face.  No one can resist a one year-old baby.
What a great reaction on my Grandma's face!  It looks like she opened a watch and that perhaps Jennie and I have not noticed Grandma until this moment.  She was still wearing that bathrobe when I was in college.
I'm including this one because of the sweet dollies on the piano.  They're from Grandma Furniss to me and Jennie.  How lucky were we?  I bet it was fun to buy stuff for two little granddaughters.
It's the dog!  In the front room!!  I look ridiculous.  Couldn't those pants be hemmed, Mom?  And moccasins?  The good news is I'm walking and not scared of a dog.  The better news is the look on Jennie's face.  You can tell she's been around the block a few more times than I have.  Dogs cannot be trusted.


melissa said...

So . . . we're not going to talk about what Mom's wearing?

These are adorable!

Jen said...

Ahhhh! Look at the way I'm sitting! I am so paying for that now. The dollies are so sweet. Thanks for the flashback :)

Mom said...

That was a new outfit that Grandma had just given you, we tried it on you but didn't have time to shorten the pants. Give me a break! It's so fun to see a picture of Snoopy! The moccasins were also much easier to walk in than the hard shoes. This was probably the beginning of Jen's distrust of all dogs.

allyn said...

moccasins are so nice on babies. these pictures really put you there, don't they? the babies are so cute. nicole, your bedface still looks like that. ahahahaha.
but what is up with that tree? holy "merry Christmas Charlie Brown". that thing is sad. grandma probably felt sorry for it.