Monday, February 13, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Larry and Bob Rollerskating

This is my Uncle Larry (five years-old) and my Dad (seven years-old) rollerskating on the sidewalk in front of their house in Pocatello sometime in 1956.  My favorite things about this photo, besides the fact that my Dad is rollerskating, is the suspenders and shorts on Uncle Larry, the skate keys around their necks, Larry's knees, the classic cars parked across the street.  It's strange to see my grandparent's neighborhood before all the trees were so overgrown that you can't make out the houses very well.   


melissa said...

AWESOME! I've never seent his picture before. Definitely too many favorite things in this photo. What's a skate key? ("Who's Dina?")

Nicole said...

The key "locked" the skates in place on your regular shoes. I remember having one once. Am I that much older than you?!