Monday, February 27, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Larry & Bob in a Wagon, 1953

I kind of want to know what's happening here.  Are they racing these wagons?  Was my Dad on the Skins Team?  I bet that's Ray England (Grandma Shirley's brother, and therefore Larry and Bob's uncle) almost out of the frame.  I understand he was usually up to no good.  I see lots of my siblings' kids in Dad's profile here. 


allyn said...

Steger vs. Mercury. Looks dangerous. Especially if they arenplanning to take it down the road on the other side gma Bessie's house.
That pine tree in the background is tiny. I remember playing inside it.
Cute boys

melissa said...

If Grandma Shirley hadn't written on the front of it, I would swear Dad was Banks. Holy family resemblence, Batman!

Jess said...

Dannel and David definitely look the most like Larry, in my opinion.