Monday, February 6, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Shirley Lee and Her Children, 1956

Bless my Grandma Shirley for writing on the front of the picture!  No guess work.  No occasion written on this one, but Grandma and Aunt Candace look dressed up.  And Dad (Robert) is wearing two belts and Uncle Larry has a length of rope, so they must be going somewhere special.  Every photo of my Dad's family from the 1950s looks exactly like you imagine the 1950s.  Shirley kept her boys' hair short!  They look like boys.  Candace is a deliciously fat baby. :)

After watching us wrestle our twins during sacrament meeting at church several weeks ago, Grandma Shirley told Brian that she envied us - that she'd go back to that time of her life in a heartbeat.  The subject of grandmas telling young mothers (at grocery stores or other harrowing times) to "savor this time" of their lives was somewhat hotly debated on Facebook a week or so ago.  I didn't join in the debate because sometimes I like the reminder and sometimes I don't.  When I thought about it really, though, Grandma Shirley and one other person are the only people who have ever told me to savor this time in my twins' lives.  Most people assure me that it will get better.  Ha!  (The other person was a mother of twins who was telling me to savor the first six months because my life was about to get crazy.)

At any rate, here is Grandma Shirley during that time she'd go back to.  It's hard to tell from a single photo if she's savoring it.  The memories are always quieter and less smelly, I'm guessing.  She does look like she's in love with those three little people.


Jess said...

I love it! Candy says Kaitlyn is like her as a baby because Kaitlyn also has chubby cheeks! I also love that Larry is prepared with a length of rope. Boys. :)

In an interesting side note, I realized the other day that these Lee Boys share the same names as the main characters in Veggie Tales (Bob and Larry). Good thing you folks call him Robert. :)

wendy lee said...

beautifully worded Nicole. So neat to see those older pictures. It's amazing that in the blink of an eye our kids will be all grown up too. Hard to think of Bob and Larry so young. Jess, we laugh about the Veggie Tale connection too