Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Tour

Last Friday I went to Salt Lake to buy waffles from Bruges.  Why would I drive so far with my babies for waffles?  Because they're real Belgian waffles.  Cooked by real Belgians.  I like to get them to eat during General Conference.  It's more like a holiday that way.  Tradition!

I also took a moment to visit my old friends where I used to work.  Most of them are still there, so it was fun to show off my crazy baby boys.  It was a little bit emotional for me, too.  I went through a lot in my personal life during the five years I worked in the Missionary Department.  I felt like I had come full circle bringing two of my three children back there.
The babies were a hit.  My favorite was when Emil emptied out Angie's drawer.  That thing needed to be cleaned!  Can't you just see these two as missionaries? :)
Speaking of Angie.  She is the best.  I know Emil acted like he didn't appreciate being held by her, but Colin did!  She got him that much closer to that fountain behind her.
Emil ran off as soon as we unbuckled him.  Here he is on the green trying to stand up without anything to balance himself.  This is one of the many things Emil does that makes me laugh.  It takes a long time.  Look at those trees in the background!  It was beautiful that day.
He loves it when I do this.  For real - he laughs really hard.  
Gun show.

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Mom said...

Priceless! I also love the crowd on the steps of the temple getting wedding pictures, and the wall with the mission presidents and wife. Did you find Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie?
Beautiful boys!