Thursday, August 16, 2012

Neighborhood Party and Haircuts by Dad

It seems like I get one part of my life under control and another part gets neglected.  This blog falls under the neglected category this month.  I didn't even take pictures when Brian and I went to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Sundance.  We ate at the Tree Room.  Ahhh.  The memory of that meal still makes me happy - no one cried and I didn't get up from the table to fetch anything.  The show was very fun, too.  I also had my 20 year high school reunion!  It was trippy to see people I haven't seen in so long and they looked like our parents looked when we were in high school.  Not me, though.  Right? :)

I did take my camera to our neighborhood bash.  Bridget was one of the kids waiting for the guy to blow up the 50 foot slide at 3:00 in the afternoon.  She and her friend, Kodi, played on that slide for five hours.  (Clara joined them at about 5:00, I think.)  They couldn't get enough.  The neighborhood kids are getting so big!  I don't know why I thought they'd always be little grade school kids.
Brian and I followed the boys around, removing them from dangerous situations.  They're a riot at parties.  (Sarcasm.  Sometimes it's hard to tell.)
Colin messed with the bull (Caleb's chips) and got the horns (Luke).  I would have gotten a better shot, but blows followed soon after this defensive strategy of Luke's.
Millie was on the job taking care of Colin.
I like this one of Flossy - she kept letting people go ahead of her in line while she thought about going down the slide. 
Colin finally got some chips from Brookie.  I love that Emil is in the background, red-faced, trying to steal a scooter.
I've been meaning to get a photo of this action for a while.  This is what Emil does when he is told "no" or when we don't understand what he wants.  He turns his back, closes his eyes, and pretends you're not there.  Hahahahahaha!

Maybe it wasn't so obvious in the photos, but our boys needed a haircut pretty bad.  I've tried three different places and they've screamed and thrashed through the whole process.  Brian insisted he could do it, so he bought some clippers.  I admit that I thought he would fail miserably and we would probably have blood on the floor afterward.
WHAT?! That's cool, I guess.  Mama has had to hold Colin like he's a badger getting a haircut four times.  I would inhale enough hair for a doll in the process.  It was torture.  Daddy does it and Colin smiles like it's the most fun ever.  (Brilliant move giving him the phone, by the way.)
 It's probably only funny to me that Bridget went to get Rapunzel to watch the haircuts.
 Emil has been better during haircuts in the past, but not much.  He was wiping hair off his tongue for a while.

So we're caught up.  School starts in less than a week!  We'll have to figure out normal again. :)


melissa said...

Cool shots of Bridget in the bouncy water tunnel thingy. (What are those called?) Emil's angry eyes make me laugh. I'm sure it's hilarious in real life, too, eh?

allyn said...

Your neighborhood knows how to throw a bash!! It is weird to watch people grow right before your eyes.
My boys like to get restless right in the middle of a haircut and start wiping their faces with the cape covered in hair making them furious. Half a haircut, if you please.

Katy said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the name "Flossy" BTW! Is that her real name?