Monday, October 1, 2012

Unlucky Lady

Someone in our family is a bad luck charm.  We've had a rough couple of months with injuries and weird illnesses and last week was no exception.  Bridget joined her Daddy in being a one-armed wonder.
She woke up in the middle of the night crying because she'd fallen out of bed.  We did our usual, put her back in bed and give her a kiss.  When she woke up the next morning she started crying again.  Before I admit this next part, those of you without a six year-old girl at home must understand that there is a lot of crying involved with little girls.  They cry about invisible scratches and bumps the same way they cry about actual injuries.  And if they're busy playing and get stung by a wasp, they don't cry at all.  It's a roller coaster.  Anyway, I made her go to school.  When she came home from school holding her left arm very carefully and still crying, I began to wonder what was going on.  During her bath that night I noticed that I couldn't see the clavicle bone on her left side, but I could see it on her right side.  Off to the doctor!  She had broken her clavicle.  They don't cast that kind of break, but she'll be in that sling for six weeks.

My week also involved three hours at the car place with two poopy pants and no bathroom while we waited to find out why none of the buttons on the driver's side door of our van are working.  I don't want to think about that ever again, so we'll leave it.

We went for a quick drive in the canyon the other day.  We let the kids out to walk around and Bridget fell a couple of times, so we pretty much got the pictures and got back in the car.
That kind of trip reminds me of my childhood.  The days of yore when we would drive all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, poke our toes in the water, and get back in the car.  Memories!  Like the corner of my mind. :)
Emil has started making noises for animals (especially "BAAAAAA") and he loves to do all the actions and noises for the song, "The Wheels on the Bus."  He gets out of his bed a few times every night and he wakes up at about 6:30 every morning, gets out of bed and comes into our room (or Bridget's) say "Huh.  HUH."  When I ask Emil to do something he wants to do anyway, he says, "'K."

Colin still can't open doors or get out of his crib, so he's our favorite.  Ha!  He can feed himself with a spoon and he loves to play jokes on everyone.  When Daddy was fumbling around in the dark looking for Emil's binky (the only way Emil will stay in his bed is with his blanket and his binky), he heard Colin laughing an Ernie laugh and sucking on Emil's binky.  Emil likes to throw his binky when he is not pleased - apparently he threw it all the way into Colin's bed.  Colin knew Daddy was looking for it.  Funny!


melissa said...

Poor, poor Bridget! Colin laughing like Ernie makes me laugh like Ernie.

Thanks for the heads up about Cloud Atlas. I am no longer curious.

Jess said...

Finally catching up on my google reader... Anyway, poor Bridget! (and Brian) The clavicle is the collarbone, right? I broke that when I was in Kindergarten by tripping on the sidewalk. Must be a fragile bone.

I loved the way you describe girls and crying. Sweet, emotional things!