Thursday, November 1, 2012


We started the Halloween festivities with our annual pumpkin carving for Family Home Evening.  Once again there was a last-minute search on the internet for a good pattern.  I know it's coming, why don't I just research it beforehand?  We did pretty well this year, thanks to a really big gourd pumpkin from Brian's friend's amazing pumpkin patch. Brian is really good at the pumpkin carving.  We should get him some decent tools to work with.

I learned my lesson last Halloween.  Less is BEST.  I didn't take the boys to see Bridget in the school parade, but we did make sure she looked AWESOME when she left the house.
She is a beautiful gypsy.  Or Indian Princess.  Something.  (Our crab-apple trees in the front yard look so pretty this year!)  It didn't matter because she was sparkly and pretty.  We borrowed this costume from our neighbor/friends.  Win!  As I was gelling her hair beyond recognition, she sighed, "I hoped this day would come!"  Halloween is her FAVORITE.

Once Bridget left for school, I tried to get Emil and Colin to pose in their outfits for me.  No good.  They like to walk toward me when I've got a camera.
Emil as Snoopy and Colin as a dragon.  Both borrowed (from Jen and from another lovely friend).  That equals win-win-win!  I didn't have to make anything or buy anything.  Soon I will rule the world.

Most of our highlights from Halloween were from the trick-or-treating at Daddy's work.  We get to walk around taking candy and laughing at how funny our little boys look in their costumes.  And I got to hear Brian say, "Happy Halloween, Thor!" to a tiny little kid dressed as Thor, carrying a hammer.  Hahahaha!  We met up with Rob and Claire and Ian for a little bit, which means we could chuckle at three little boys dressed up.
Emil absolutely hated wearing his costume at first.  He growled at me.  Probably the way Snoopy would have growled.  When he saw what was happening - people were smiling and giving him candy and wishing him well - he was totally into it.  Get a piece of candy from the bowl, put it in the bag, say "ha HA" to the rube who just let you take the candy, and off to the next office.
Colin, however, did not understand why we were leaving a bowl full of candy and not even EATING it right away.  ("But it's a talking dog!")  He'd fall to the floor and cry, notice we continued to walk to the next office, sit up and pout, then follow.

Then it was time to get down to business.  Emil called a meeting to discuss the TPS reports.  Pretty sure the Duck didn't get the memo.

Colin was more concerned about counting his stash than swiveling in an office chair.
What does a Quack say?  (I think that's what I heard Rob ask Ian.  Wordplay!)

And now a montage of photos from Brian's office when it was taken over by Snoopy, a Duck, and a Dragon.  Enjoy!

It's not every day you see three toddlers having their way with so many buttons and a swiveling chair while in costume.  You gotta let that kind of scene ride.
We finally left (Colin has secured one of the candy bags) and we only had to go back in once to grab something we forgot.  Record.  Off to Grandma and Grandpa's house!  When we pull up to their house now Emil says, "Pa?"  Enough to melt your heart.
Colin loves Grandma's house for many reasons, but this drawer is the number one reason.  They put old remotes and phones in there and it's the first thing Colin "discovers" every time he visits.
This brings back some nice memories for me. :)
I tried to get a smiley, posed shot of Bridget and Grandpa, but this ended up being my favorite.  She's trying not to lose her veil and it's funny. :)

The rest of the night was too dark for photos, but we did trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  We still have a cauldron full of candy at our house.  Lose.  Brian says I'm like my Mom this year - I bought too much! Hahaha!


Angela Sivertson said...

That's good fun :).

melissa said...

PAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness I am laughing so hard! Thanks for this. :)

Ashley said...

I love the one of Snoopy on the computer. What a cute little bum!