Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Off to See the Wizard

Last weekend I went to Vermont (ME PARTAY) to do a few things.  Number one, see Jen and Ben's amazing children in their high school's musical, "The Wizard of Oz."  Number two, to take a vacation from my life for a few days and appreciate it all the more.  I am the WINNER.  I couldn't have been happier to see my husband and children when I got home AND I had multiple Olympic Cries for Jen and her kids.  They're doing it!  Really. :)  I didn't know I was also going to Vermont to talk to Melissa for hours and hours, but that was a nice bonus. 

Photo by Melissa (I absolutely adore this shot, Melissa!)
The first night I was there, Ben and I went to watch opening night of "The Wizard of Oz" while Melissa stayed home to play trains with Henry.  I was fine when Taylor and Ethan were the farm hands, but as soon as Taylor started singing "If I Only Had a Brain," I lost my mind.  I couldn't even tell people about the show because I started crying every time.  Taylor is such a pro!  His voice was perfect and beautiful and I loved watching him fall all over the stage - so different from his real personality.
Ethan came out on the stage as the Cowardly Lion and people were cheering before he even said anything.  Because he is awesome, that's why.  He was great Thursday night, but he was even better when I went on Saturday night.  His lion's mane was an homage to his mother's high school hair.  Nostalgia!
High school musicals take over a person's life, from what I've seen.  Jen teaches the kids all the songs and she is there in the "pit" playing the piano through all the shows.  I love that her kids are so good at it and that it's just a normal thing in their home.
Photo by Melissa

Melissa and I stayed at the home of some friends of Jen and Ben.  She didn't even wake up when I started to bolt out of the bedroom when I thought their cat running down the stairs was one of my boys falling down the stairs. :)  We took our sweet SWEET time getting ready for the day Friday morning.  No one told us to hurry, so we sure didn't.  Ahhh.  When we got to Jen and Ben's house, it was full of Allyn's family.  Another bonus!  Everyone who wasn't at work or school got into Allyn and Aron's van.  We dropped Aron and all the kids (mwahahahaha) at Thunderdome (bouncy houses, arcade, mini-golf) and the sisters went to Danforth Pewterer in Middlebury.
Photo by Melissa with my camera :)
We saved Aron from a fate worse than death and had a nice afternoon hanging out and waiting for the next show.  Weston showed his cousins his ax skills.  My favorite was Jen saying, "When you put that ax down..."  Hee!
Melissa and I took Lilja with us to Honey Lights in Bristol and we got lost for a minute on foot.  How is that even possible?  Melissa and I are both navigationally challenged.
Photo by Melissa
Photo by Melissa, brightened by me so I didn't look so old.  Vanity!
On Friday night I played trains with Henry and listened to Chance sleep while everyone else went to the show.  When Henry was done with the trains, he wanted me to read him a very long book.  By the end of the book, he was snuggled next to me.  I'd finally won him over!  I had to start at square one again the next day, but it was a beautiful moment.

Allyn and her family left early on Saturday, after Mega Breakfast and photo ops by the barn (Allyn did all our haird-dos).  I told Jen if her barn was in Utah there would be families posing in front of it every morning and evening.

While Jen and the big kids went off to do the matinee performance, Ben didn't take Melissa and me to a Christmas bazaar.  Ha!  Instead we went to Church Street in Burlington and enjoyed the holiday atmosphere and a street performance, then lunch.
Photo by Melissa
Photo by Melissa
Saturday night was another fantastic performance of "The Wizard of Oz."  This time I sat by Melissa closer to the stage.  Loved it again without so much crying. :)
Photo by Melissa
I took a lot of pictures before intermission, then I saw how good Melissa's photos were and I stopped.  It's because of her that my children will have a record of what I look like right now.  Thanks, lady.  You are talented and funny and I loved having you to myself for a few days. :)

We attended church with Ben and Jen on Sunday, then a nice nap and dinner and talking.  Ahhh.  The perfect end to the long weekend.  Henry made us some pumpkin cheesecake, too.
It took three planes and eleven hours to get home yesterday.  I finished two books and got a good start on a third.  What an adventure!  As much as I don't like being so far away from so many of my siblings, it sure makes our time together concentrated with wonderful emotions.  Thank you Jen and Ben for adding me to your busy show weekend.  And like I told Jen, Taylor's and Ethan's performances were worth the trip.  Love!


Jess said...

That sounds like a wonderful vacation! The Musical, the sister time, the sites, letting someone else take the pictures... All of it. Maybe I should persuade my siblings to move away. :-P

melissa said...

Ha! You're hilarious for crediting all of my pictures individually. I love it. "Ben didn't take us to the bazaar."-pahahaha. You're a delightful traveling companion. Thanks for the great talks and for not murdering me in my sleep.

Jill said...

I'm so jealous of the sisters in your life. I have none.