Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last year I kind of botched Easter.  It got done, dreams came true, blah blah blah, but the only part that lingers in my memory is the pain in my feet from standing in my kitchen sweating for four hours while I made all the food on the day it was to be served.  I also filled a bunch of plastic eggs and had to hurry and have someone hide them while I continued to cook for my life.  
On Valentine's Day, after I made beautiful sugar cookies and put gel frosting on them and put them in bags to RUIN them for Bridget's dance class (they looked like bags of frosting with a cookie floating in them), I decided to beat the next holiday that wasn't St. Patrick's Day.  I got out my calendar and a notebook right then.  I wrote down all the things I wanted to do for Easter, then I wrote on the calendar what days during the following six weeks (is that a fortnight?) I would do all those things.  No cooking on Easter Sunday for me!  No filling Easter eggs on Easter Sunday for me!  
I've made rolls and sugar cookie dough and that's frozen.  This Wednesday I'm making funeral potatoes and freezing it.  I've been to every possible store to find fun stuff to put in eggs (candy legos!  gummy Army guys!).  The kids Easter clothes are all ready to go.  Yesterday Bridget and I made candy bracelets for all the women and girls who are celebrating with us (Pinterest!).  I even finished my Spring quilt and had Brian hang a drapery rod in the entry way to show it off.
That means we've had time for other things, like road testing a mustache while playing a game on Daddy's tablet.  (Colin's pajamas are on backwards.  I also won that battle.)
Taking photos of my handsome men before church.
And posing with Bridget before church.  We still got there 20 minutes early.  Next up for me to beat is Summer 2013.  Mwahahahaha!!!


melissa said...

You're doing it! "Screw St. Patrick's Day"--pahahahaha! For real. Who does these things? Your Easter is going to be LEGENDARY.

Jess said...

You are inspiring! It makes me want to go and start making my kids baskets right now. But the whole family looking that nice AND being early for church- eh, I know that is too hard for us. :)