Wednesday, April 17, 2013


There isn't much to play with in our backyard right now (we're on it), so the kids have come up with their own fun.  While they were playing with Annie and Millie the other day, Bridget and Colin made the most of that tiny patio.
Annie is two years older than Bridget, but they are kindred spirits.  They both have that story book face with the freckles and nubby noses and long eyelashes.  It makes me happy that Bridget has a stand-in for a big sister living so close.  Everyone should have a sister.
The reason for the title of this post, my sweet little Hulk.  This is how he plays with toys.  He throws stuff like he is an Olympic discus champion.
I never caught him from the front, but you can see by the look on Bridget's face that the dump truck was live and anyone in the ten-foot radius was in danger.
Phase two of Emil's destruction is bringing the broken toy to Brittany (Annie's mom) to fix it so he can start over again.  This is why most of the toys in our house are behind locked doors.  Too scary.

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