Friday, May 24, 2013

Sew & Tell Friday: Theater T-Shirt Quilt

Remember that time I made a T-shirt quilt for my brother, Aaron?  That was awesome.  Maybe too awesome.  It gave one of my favorite people (Jen) the idea to have me make one for one of my other favorite people (her son, Taylor).  Thankfully, she gave me lots of warning so I could stew and stew over how to do it better this time.  I had to learn a few lessons for a second time (don't iron the logos!  don't use woven fabrics!), but I was able to finish 90% of the top at my quilt retreat in April. 
Since it was Jen's dime, I found a woman to embroider some quotes from the shows Taylor's been in.   Most of the supplemental fabrics are flannel and the back is fireside minky.  Perfect for Taylor's first year of college in Vermont!  (If anyone out there decides they'd like me to make one for their child, please be nice like Jen and cut the T-shirts for me.  Also ask yourself if you're one of my favorite people.)
I had Wendy quilt in some eighth notes, which made those big orange blocks easier on my eyes.  I've never used such bright colors.  The whole time I was working on it I didn't know if it was stupid or fantastic.  In the end, I decided "fantastic."  

Also at my retreat (again with Carmen Geddes, who is the best) I learned a new technique for binding quilts.  What a relief!  I was inspired to finally bind up the quilt I made for Bridget.  Last year.  Sigh.
It's a real quilt at last!  Carmen has said many times that she thinks about this quilt and wishes she owned it.  That's a compliment that makes me blush every time.  I learned so much at my retreat!  One of my favorite things I learned was piping.  I'm a piper now.  And French seams!  And the New York Beauty block!  And grid blocks!  I'm totally making an Irish Chain.  All this learning makes me feel alive.  And a little sleepy, actually.


melissa said...

AMAZING! I don't know if I'm one of your favorite people, but I sure would like to be.

Katy Coombs said...

soo gorgeous! You are one of MY favorite people :)