Monday, June 17, 2013

California Girl

It was windy walking into the auditorium and Bridget wanted to keep her hair from sticking to her lipstick.  I remember those days!  Big ol' 80s hair in the wind.  Come on!
Bridget had her big Spring dance recital on Saturday.  The dress rehearsal was Friday afternoon and the boys and I took her to that.  I really should have brought my camera to the rehearsal because I could see her from the audience during that.  Not so much with the brothers on the loose and us sitting in the back row for the performance.  But!  I did get to see her dance at rehearsal and she was amazing!  Watching her made me have love feelings because I could tell she listens to her teacher and she tries to do everything right. 
No photos of the performance.  Did I mention we were on the back row with two CRAZY boys running amok?  Grandma and Grandpa came, which was so kind of them.  She danced to California Girls by The Beach Boys.  After they'd been on stage, Bridget's group got medals.  Oh, man.  Her very own MEDAL!
Can you even stand it?!  These two play together so well.  Colin worships his big sister.  Whatever she wants to play, he's up for it.  He gives her this hug every time he sees her.
No, really, you guys.  Her VERY OWN MEDAL!!
I don't know if any other audience member wanted to blow that taco stand as much as Emil B.
"OwSIDE!  OwSIDE!"  And when he's outside it's "side?" which means "inside."  Dude.  Serenity now.
Of course Grandma and Grandpa took her for ice cream afterward.  Bridget calls Culver's "Flavor of the Day."  She always gets the flavor of the day.  Funny.

I haven't quite made my peace with all the money going out for dance lessons and costumes.  It's a lot.  Bridget's teacher recommended that she try out for a competition team.  She's six years-old!  Just to go to the audition cost $35.  What?  Is this right?  Hmmm.  But!  I do enjoy watching her dance and look so confident and beautiful doing it.  It's always a good thing to learn how to perform under pressure. 

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melissa said...

The hair! The hugs! The medal! Totally worth it.

I am morally opposed to audition fees, though. Stupidland.

Something about that Culvers picture makes me laugh a lot.