Saturday, June 1, 2013

Call Me Maybe, See Me Maybe Not

We survived another Dance Festival at the grade school!  It was close.  We took chairs for the boys and us, arrived 15 minutes early and set up on the side of the field where we might catch a glimpse of Bridget dancing in profile.  We also packed baggies for the boys with goldfish crackers, Smarties, and fruit snacks.  That is an hour worth of distraction.  Bridget's grade danced after we'd been there for an hour and one minute.
When I saw that it was unlikely that we would see Bridget actually dancing, I went and found her sitting with her class.  She's right next to her friend, Lola, in the photo.  Lola wants to be a rock star.  That's why she wears sparkly stuff.  (I know other important facts about Lola.)
The program hadn't even started yet and the boys had already switched chairs and eaten half of their treats.  Then they gave out awards for thirty minutes before the dancing.  Bridget got an attendance award!  Excellence.
Both boys wanted to sit in the orange chair.  That is how it always goes.  People often regret not bringing two of something for the boys to play with, but I know better.  It doesn't matter if there are two chairs, they'll both want the same one.  It wouldn't have mattered if both chairs were orange.  Both boys would have wanted to sit next to Daddy.  They are both trying to rule the universe, you see.
Ten seconds before the first graders went to the field, there was a jail break.  Brian took off after Colin and I grabbed Emil.  Emil slid and arched his way down my body, protesting loudly.  I saw Bridget on the field, trapped Emil between my feet while he kicked and screamed, and tried to get some pictures of her.
I carried Emil, still in the throws of passionate outrage, to a different spot so we could get a photo of Bridget from the front.  Sort of.  I had my zoom maxed out and the camera way over my head.  It's miraculous that she's even in this shot.
The kids got to choose their final pose.  Bridget auditioned several possibilities with me.  She didn't want to do the same thing as anyone else.  (I just caught myself trying not to smile even though she's not here to see me.)  Oh my goodness!  I love this stage - fearless and adorable.  (A few Saturdays ago, after we'd been working in the backyard all morning, Bridget asked if we could have a picnic outside as a family... "without the boys.")  That kid in the blue T-shirt looks like he's threatening someone over the phone.  "I just met you, and this is CRAZY!  Here's my number - so call me maybe!!"  Don't mess.
The moment Bridget's class was done, I ran over to tell her good job and that we had to leave because her brothers were ready to photo-bomb the next dance.  Brian took the boys while I broke down our chairs and gathered up our garbage and we went home.  Then Brian and I spent six hours digging a hole and dumping the dirt while the boys did this:


melissa said...

Oh, man! Thanks for that. That creepy caller will make me laugh all day. I was hoping you had something to say about that lovely couple in the background. No?

Way to go, Bridget!

Jess said...

I am also laughing over the boy in the blue's threatening call. Bridget's pose is very adorable. Does each class have a number to perform?