Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lucky Number 7

Bridget is seven years old now.  Since the day we got her, time has sped up somehow.  Not cool.  I enjoy her so much.  She was at her Grandma's last night for a sleepover and I found myself missing her.  

For her birthday celebration Bridget wanted to take some friends to the outdoor pool and then to a local hamburger place for dinner.  I told her she could have three friends.  We negotiated for a while and she ended up getting four friends.  The party was in the late afternoon, so we had time to try out the roller skates with the usual distraction of her crazy brothers.
That poor girl fell on her tiny bum so many times that I got tired of asking if she was okay.  Emil thought it was fun to try to run into her, too.  Only two days later and she is already doing much better.
This can't fail.
Emil's imitation of Wallace: "CHEESE, GROMIT!"
Speaking of things that can't fail.

Four o'clock finally came and she and I went around to pick up the friends and go to the pool.  They didn't need much supervising, but I was glad to have an extra set of eyes with me since Kristi agreed to come with me.  I haven't been to a swimming pool with the boys since we went once at Bear Lake last year.  The thought of it makes my heart race and my eyes cross.  Something about kids and water puts me in a little panic.  
Sami, Kodi, Lola, Bridget, and Clara
I should have had them do a kick line.  They look like the swimsuit competition.  I love this age so much.  The girls aren't self-conscious and they are anxious to include everyone.
We let them get good and hungry, then we headed to the diner for some greasy food and opening presents.
Bridget got lots of "projects" for her birthday.  High-five, all her friends.
After we'd dropped everyone off, Bridget told me it was The Best Birthday EVER.  I agreed that it was fun to do outside stuff and she has great friends who came.  "No, because I have the best Mom and Dad!"  That is why she's my treasure. :)


kenzie said...

I love her reason for loving her birthday! So sweet. We thought of her all day.

melissa said...

SO SWEET! She DOES have the best mom and dad, but they have the sweetest daughter. Happy Birthday, Bridget!

Jess said...

So smart- a party that requires little prep and no clean up. :) And I've got to agree that her reason for the best birthday is the sweetest thing ever.