Monday, September 9, 2013

The Zoo!

Last week was Labor Day (news flash) and we didn't have anywhere to go.  Late Sunday night I suggested to Brian that we could go to Hogle Zoo and we decided I was brilliant for coming up with that plan.  Bridget went there with her class last Spring and she was STOKED to introduce her brothers to all the animals at the "Hobo" Zoo.  (That made me think of my friend, Angie.  We can both probably imagine a hobo zoo.)  It turns out I'm not that brilliant, unless everyone else in a 50 mile radius is also brilliant, which I refuse to believe.  So, it was pretty crowded.
Bridget and Colin stuck together.  They were Zoo Buddies.  (Can you see the elephant's bum?)
See how I couldn't help getting other people in this photo?  The eagles were just sitting there and we noticed some magpies (sworn enemies from our days in American Fork) in the same space.  There was no roof, that's why!  
There were a bunch of Lego animals at the zoo.  Very cool.
 Is anyone else disturbed by the similarities between Brian and the adult male gorilla?  I've known for a while, but it still disturbs me.
Colin spotted the tiger and pointed at him, but I think he was still showing respect.
JUICE!  They never get these little juices, so this was a special drink break.  (Really, the boys should have been squeezing that juice directly into their diapers.)
The real seals were a highlight for the boys and Bridget.  There is a photo, but it's the back of their heads.  Again.  I'd rather see Bridget riding one side saddle any day.
Here we all are!  It's a little abstract, but we missed our chance to ask my cousin Gene and his wife, Mirney, to take our photo (we saw them twice, too!).  We also saw one of Bridget's little friends from first grade (aka, The Old Days).  I'm surprised we didn't meet more people we know.  So crowded.  But great fun anyway. :)  I loved seeing the boys react to real live animals.  And it's always going to be my favorite thing having an adventure as a family.  With the boys.


Jess said...

I knew someone else went to "Hobo" zoo on Labor Day- thanks for refreshing my memory (Gene and Mirne). I think you found a creative way to still get a family picture though. :)

melissa said...

You're hilarious. I love your family photo. Definitely Christmas card material.