Friday, October 25, 2013


It's Crazy Hair Day again!  This time we were more prepared, doing four French braids last night.  We ended up with a Sideshow Bob kind of look.  When Bridget asked Colin to look at her hair he said, "Whoa."  Ha!  Very little expression.  Bridget has a lot of school spirit and she loves participating in everything.  But!  She always has a moment of I'm-making-a-huge-mistake right before she has to leave the house in her pajamas for Pajama Day ("Can you check and make sure it's really Pajama Day?") or before she goes to the bus stop with clown hair.  Luckily there is always another kid walking to the bus with crazy hair, so she can confirm she won't be the only one.  (Emil is obviously participating, too.  I had a lot of gel on my hands last night and he was close by.)
The boys actually stood there and said, "CHEESE!"  We're getting our family pictures tomorrow - could all my dreams be coming true?  Maybe our photographer won't have to perform too many Photoshop miracles?  Fingers crossed.

Happy Crazy Hair Day, everyone!

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