Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Family Sunday Dinner

We have a family birthday dinner every month with Brian's family. I don't usually make a post about them because they happen... every month. Since I make a book out of this blog for our family scrapbook each year, I decided I'd better put some usual stuff in here too. Photos of usual stuff in my childhood are my favorite.
Grandma's house can get pretty crowded. We can't decide if it's because the people are bigger or because there are more of us. Probably a combo. (Notice the Sarah's Salad? I should post that recipe. I brought two big bowls of it and it was GONE.)
Seating is every man for himself anymore. I think there were some kids sitting here originally, but by the time they finish eating, the adults are just filling their plates. It works out.
Abby, Bridget, and Colin made their own table outside with some help from Grandpa.
Emil thinks he's one of the big boys. (Sidenote; Jake's plate was literally full of roast. Ha!)

After eating, the adults visit and the kids play. It was nice outside, so Janessa made some bubbles for the little kids.
Look at Emil. Delicious bubbles.
Brighton is right to be cautious around these crazy boys.

Once we've played and visited and diapers have been changed, it's time to have cake (or piles of doughnuts) and sing!
As you can see, these birthdays are well documented. In March we celebrate Uncle Kyle, Cousin Jake, Cousin Kalvin and Cousin Jed's little girl, Brighton. Grandpa is looking off-camera at the list that Abby made so all of us would say the same names at the same time during the song. Smart! (Emil is totally singing, by the way. I catch him singing "Happy Birthday" and "Animal Fair" and "Pony Boy" all the time. He also sings along to "Let It Go" from "Frozen." Only because Bridget likes to put it on repeat and turn it up as loud as it will go. Serenity now. :)

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melissa said...

I cannot even imagine getting to see everyone in my family once a month! I hear the family that eats donuts together stays together. :)