Monday, March 3, 2014

Return of the Trampoline Kings and February Sewing

The trampoline is back!! All hail the trampoline! And thank goodness Grandma Peggy gave the boys half-zip pullovers for Christmas because when we put coats and shoes on them it looked like we were having a yard sale in the backyard. Everything was off! They can't pull these over their heads, so at least their arms and torsos can stay warm. Emil immediately pushed one of his boots in between the springs and under the trampoline. Who can explain it, who can tell you why. Not Emil, for sure. 
We watched Thor last night and Colin has been running around in circles pretending to spin a hammer all day. They call him "FORD."
Speaking of running, Colin ran out of the chapel as soon as we got settled at church yesterday. I went after him and Emil came with me to help catch his brother. We ran all the way around the building (on the inside where more people could see and hear us) and I finally caught up with him back at our bench. Sweating before church starts. Not cool. Colin made up for it later by staying with his class and blowing me a kiss while I played the piano in Primary.

As usual, I'm obsessed with a quilt pattern and so I have to make a bunch of stuff using that pattern before the obsession subsides. A baby quilt in peppered cotton! I used the 2 1/2-inch Quiltsmart grid again. I love having perfect points. The back is dark gray minky. Kind of manly, but this is for a baby who is going to have to man up quickly. :)
This was finished in February, but I didn't wash it and take photos until today. I don't have to defend myself! February is short. (I can see a thread. Dangit.)

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allyn said...

Yay for trampolines returning. And yay for awesome quilts that turn babies into men! Can't wait to see it in person and wrap him up in it... Wait, is that quilt for me?