Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

We had a busy Saturday-before-Mother's-Day. Emil was supposed to go with Daddy to get all the groceries for the big Mother's Day Party at Grandma's house, plus gifts for ME and Grandma. At the last minute, and after hearing Daddy talk up how fun it was going to be riding bikes while Mommy mowed the lawn, Emil decided to stay and Colin went with Daddy. Curiously, Emil still had a meltdown when Daddy and Colin left. Serenity now. When I'd finished mowing the lawn, I started cutting back tulips that were past their prime. Bridget wanted to hold some that still looked pretty, so Emil had to have some too. I looked up from what I was working on to see Emil cruising down the sidewalk in a stolen big wheel, holding the flowers. 
It was the cutest thing that has ever happened in the history of ever, so I dropped my gloves and pruners (there they are on the grass) and ran into the house for the camera. Then I had to beg him to get back on the big wheel, which he did only after making me chase him. Always the chasing.
He wouldn't look at me, though. Stinkers gotta stink. Bridget cried a little when Daddy and Colin left, too. I mentioned that it was possible for my feelings to be hurt that everyone who had to stay home with Mom was crying. (My feelings were secretly not hurt, by the way. I get it.)
I asked Bridget what she did at school one day last week. "I can't tell you." What?! JUICY!! Now I have to know. "We made Mother's Day presents." Oh, don't tell me then. "Okay, I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone I told you." :)

Sunday morning started early for me because Colin has been sick. Coughing, running nose, not eating (yet still asking for jellybeans constantly), fever, wanting to be held all the time. I celebrated Mother's Day in the most mother-y way, "sleeping" on the couch with Colin in my arms. I got back in my own bed at about 5:30 in the morning and didn't hear Brian leave the room and lock the door behind him a few hours later. I was able to do ALL the stuff on the same morning while Brian and the kids made me breakfast in bed. (Am I the only one who has to choose one of the things to do every day of the week? I can never shower, wash my hair, dry my hair, curl my hair, give myself a pedicure, shave my legs, put on make-up, all on the same morning. For example, today I brushed my teeth. That will be all.) Then I ate yummy French Toast in my bed while listening to a really good book. Perfect!
Brian is making MY FACE!! A morning filled with begging small children to stay in their seats and finish eating, wiping noses, making food, cleaning up puke (that's in the bonus level, so he really knows the game well) results in that face. Also, look how cute Emil is. (Brian and the kids gave me a new Kindle for Mother's Day! Happy!! My old one could be plugged in all night and still have 12% battery in the morning. BAH.)
Yes, that is Emil's reaction to standing in the doorway with Mom. I'm told he's an angel at school - he always does what they ask. Interesting.
That's the best we got from him. Nevermind! It was a good hair day, so we'll count this one. The Primary kids sang two numbers during Sacrament Meeting. Bridget played a duet accompaniment with me for "Happy Family." She was such a pro!! She didn't play too fast and she didn't make a single mistake. I told Emil before the meeting started that he was going to sing with the Primary in a few minutes! "It's your turn!" His eyes widened and he smiled really big, which made me realize I'd made a huge mistake. He always wants to "talk" into the microphone at church and I always tell him it's not his turn. When the kids were done singing, I stood back and waited for my kids to walk down the stairs to our bench, but Emil started walking purposefully toward the podium. He turned and saw me, then broke into a run. You know, in front of the bishopric. I caught him by the hand and he went boneless (his superpower). The perfect defense since I was carrying books in one hand and we were on display. It's been noted in my Book of Grievances and Debts.

After our meetings, we headed to Grandma's for a family party. This year the men provided a pasta bar (angel hair pasta, two different kinds of sauces, meatballs and grilled chicken). I think the big boys showed remarkable restraint letting all the moms go first. :)
The Mothers! Me, Diana, Grandma (Denise), Dena, and Debbie. Clearly Brian was supposed to marry someone whose name starts with the letter D. Woops. 
Feeding the sheep
Bridget, Abby, and Nate on the swing set.
We also celebrated this lovely lady's birthday.
Big boys with flowers for Grandma. (McKade, Jed, Grandma, Jake, and Kalvin.)
It was nice to get waited on at a family party. Brian took care of all the bathroom antics, which made it extra easy for me. Emil had a couple of juice barrels (nemesis), so he peed his pants for the first time in weeks. I had no extra pants packed. Bad form. What would a family party be without one of our boys forcing us to leave in shame? Tradition!


Jill said...

"He went boneless...his superpower!" LOL!!!! And I'm still laughing. I HATE when kids do that!!

Glad you had a good Mother's Day. Congrats on the new Kindle.

Jess said...

Have you read "Knuffle Bunny" by Mo Willems? It was so nice to see the "boneless" tactic in book form. :)

And I totally get the one-thing-for-each day thing. I always leave out make-up though, so I guess my list is shorter than yours. :)

melissa said...

You got to do EVERYTHING to get ready in one morning? THAT'S THE DREAM! You look so beautiful and your little boy with tulips is definitely the cutest thing in the history of ever. Also, you're funny.

kenzie said...

I love your Tulip Thief!
And I will be starting a Book of Grievances and Debts. Thank you for the idea.

Ashley said...

You made my day. I've been trying to catch up on the blogging thing and realized it has been a very long time since I looked at any blogs. You were my first stop, and it was a good one! I keep reading parts to Justin, you always make me laugh. So happy to catch up with you.