Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Day of Summer at Noah's Ark

Brian and I had our annual date to the Sundance Summer Theater production, which was Fiddler on the Roof, last Thursday night. I bought the tickets a few months ago and we had a hard time finding a babysitter, but everything worked out. It started sprinkling just before intermission and Brian offered me his hoodie. Chivalry. A few seconds later the rain started coming down in buckets. Brian was completely soaked, my pants and socks got so wet I could have wrung them out, and we couldn't even hear the actors on stage. They paused the show (which was so so so good) to let the rain blow over, but Brian and I were so cold and wet by then that we decided to hike back to our car. Driving home was the most uncomfortable I've been in a long time. I'm hot and cold! It's dark and light! I'm wet and dry! The worst. Oh well. There's always next year.

The next morning I still felt like something fun needed to happen. I decided to be brave and take the kids to the splash pad at Thanksgiving Point. I didn't know it's now part of the Museum of Natural Curiosity (which is like a giant human snow globe that is constantly being shaken), so we had to wait for the museum to open before we could walk out to the splash pad. The good news is no one else (of the millions of families who were lining up before they opened the doors) seemed to even know about the splash pad outside. I won! I never win anything! This is so sudden. (Actually, I win stuff.)
Noah and Bridget. The splash pad at Thanksgiving Point features Noah's Ark and bronze animal statues. Classy stuff.
Two out of three kids love splashing in the water and having Noah's Ark to themselves.
"I need go home."
"I want treats!"
"Go play at park?"
I'm so glad this was fun enough for Bridget. :)
And Colin.
Why would Emil like this? Climbing on rocks - meh. Splashing your siblings -  meh. Running around a boat full of animals - yawn. (He's in my lap right now as I type. "That boat so fun!" Whatever, kid.)
Has anyone else noticed that these three are cute all the time? 
There are lots of different animal footprints in the sidewalks around the ark. What a cute idea someone had.
I love this. It reminds me of something...
 Yep. Always cute.

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allyn said...

Yep. Always cute. That place looks amazing. However do they do it? Good job beating August. I think I have thrown in the towel. I give!!