Sunday, December 28, 2014

Finally Christmas Day

I'm sure our neighbors have been wondering if we have some lights out on our tree or if the blinds in that spot are always turned the wrong way. Yes. The lights are out. This is what it looked like on Christmas morning when the kids walked in. I didn't take pictures on Christmas Eve because I was trying to be in the moment. I love having a lot of photos of this time of year, but I've noticed that I see the best moments through the camera and not in real life. This year I wanted to be in more moments, so less photos. :) 

Bridget got that extra present from Santa at the Christmas party, so I found something else for the boys to open on Christmas Eve in addition to their pajamas. Who knew Emil and Colin would be so into crazy slippers? Bridget claimed she'd been awake for "an hour" before Emil came in and told her it was CHRISTMAS DAY and time to open presents. Bridget and Emil then had to try to wake up Colin, who was in Mommy and Daddy's bed snoring. They finally convinced him to get up by reminding him about his new slippers. They look like monster feet and they make me laugh.
Aren't Bridget's pajamas from Santa beautiful! Emil and Colin were both very pleased with their pajamas. After forgetting about the pajamas until December 24th last year, they were my first order of business back in August.
Bridget got her American Girl Doll! Now she and Grandma Peggy can PLAY! :) They're dressed in the same pajamas and the doll has freckles and glasses too. (Brian to me: "You sound crazy right now.") Bridget was so happy, though. I love it! I asked her what she was thinking about naming her new doll and she didn't hesitate, "Annalee." I reminded her that Annalee was kind of my name (first name Anna, maiden name Lee) and she shrugged. Didn't even know that. 
For the last two months (at least) Emil has been cutting out the toy trucks in all the Cal Ranch ads. I saved the first one because I love that he was doing that. Make no mistake, Emil was getting a TRUCK and a trailer. And also, two horses. Then he borrowed my new flashlight:
Always check under the hood.
Colin got a new train set and tracks that match the tracks that Aunt Makenzie and Uncle David brought a few weeks ago. We can almost fill a room with all the tracks! It's super fun, but not so much fun in the box on Christmas morning. Colin opened the big box from Mommy and we spread out the quilt. He made an appreciative, "Ohhh!" noise and then I told him it was for him - I'd made it for him. "WHAT?! FO ME?! THANKS, MOM!" Then he jumped across the quilt in his monster feet and gave me a big hug. It was easily my favorite moment of Christmas morning and I cried. :) Happy tears. (The stars and the circle lines glow in the dark, by the way.)
I got a new 50mm lens for my camera. (I used it for the above photo. Who takes a photo of a camera lens?) Happy day! Get ready for tight shots of food and quilts and kids. :)
Daddy got new tools (nothing says "get to work, Dad" like new tools). Here he is looking at our new treasure from Makenzie and David - a family tree with four generations on it. It's so beautiful! We have most of those people framed on our wall in the front room. Love it. We had Makenzie and David this year and I made them this:
Yes, it's the lone star I was going to keep for myself. But it was done! And I had both the boys' quilts to finish and the piecing on a twin-size Irish Chain that I did for Carmen. Not to worry, Broadbent's had the fabrics in stock and I made one change (different red), so Makenzie and I will be Lone Star Twins. Also, I loved this one so much that I felt good about giving it away.
I can't get enough of that stripe-y binding.
That's Bridget's stash in the foreground. When Aunt Katy heard Bridget was asking Santa for an American Girl Doll, she asked me if she could make a sweater and hat set for the doll. Isn't that amazing? It's so beautiful, too. Let me remind you that Katy has six children of her own and three of them have birthdays in December. That cute little sweater set was here and under the tree by the 22nd. I still can't believe it. (Aunt Katy also made that beautiful brown blanket next to Brian. Talent!) Bridget got a store-bought dress from me this year instead of a quilt like her brothers got. Remember how I wanted to be around for more moments? Yeah, another sewing project wasn't going to work.
Each of the kids got a game from Santa. Colin got a Scooby Doo matching game. It's always out now. "Wanna play Gooby-Doo Match with me, Mommy?"
We ate breakfast and played for a while, then went to Grandma's to see what was going on and open more presents. We were there at the same time as Uncle Kyle and Aunt Diana and their family, which hasn't happened for a lot of years, I think. Grandma liked her new calendar. Whew!
Grandma gave the boys new Lego sets and Colin squealed with delight. It made Aunt Diana and Uncle Kyle smile and it reminded me that our kids are at the most fun age ever for Christmastime. We're loving it. Colin will never disappoint with his reaction to a gift. So cute.
Bridget got a very fancy art set from Grandma and Grandpa.
Emil got real Legos instead of Duplos. The day after Christmas he and Daddy were putting his construction site together while Mommy, Colin and Bridget played Frozen Uno on the other side of the table from them. We'd been playing for a little while when Emil asked, "Mommy, are you having fun?" Yes. I'm having fun. :)
We waited around to watch Nate open his presents and eat more of Grandma and Grandpa's food. The kids had kind of a glazed-over look. Dreams coming true is exhausting! Emil is wearing his new hoodie from Grandma Peggy. She also made everyone three travel bags for laundry and sundries. I keep forgetting to tell her how awesome that is. I hate putting my dirty stuff next to my clean stuff in such close quarters of a suitcase.

So, Christmas was a huge success. For me it was a success because I was done shopping a long time ago and all the last minute activities didn't wear me out. I've learned from Christmas past! Miraculous.

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Katy said...

You are such a good Mommy to go to so much effort for your kids! They will treasure these holiday memories forever.