Monday, January 26, 2015

January Blessings

Two Sundays in a row I had a brother bless his new baby girl. The first was Aaron blessing Macey and the second was Rob blessing Moira. We weren't able to go to Macey's blessing, but we went to Moira's yesterday and got to see both little ladies and their families, plus Grandma and Grandpa.
It's always fun to be at church with my family. Brings back fond memories. And I got to hear my Dad sing (in the congregation), hold Macey and watch her laugh at her cousins, and let Emil and Colin sit by Grandma and go through her bag of tricks. It was a strangely nice day for January, so the outdoor pictures at the church were easy to endure.
We had Claire's Dad take this photo before everyone ran away. This is the one with only one person closing her eyes. Sorry Lori. There are a lot of things I'd like to fix about this photo, but I'm officially dropping it now.
Poor Moira! So hungry and having to deal with the press. She cried lustily until her Dad started the blessing, then she fell perfectly silent. 
We went to Rob and Claire's place for some brunch and craziness. Emil, Colin, and Ian ran in circles and yelled with happiness. After Moira had eaten, she was ready for a photo shoot.
This one was my favorite. Look at that dress! ("Slowly bring your fist up to your chin...")
Holding Bridget's hand for support. :)
Macey joined Moira after a little while. The two of them are watching me stand above them, their moms and Grandma and Bridget trying to make them smile. So much craziness!
Colin asked, "I hold him?"

It's always so nice to be with my family. I love seeing our kids play together. Thanks for giving us a great reason to get together, Rob and Aaron. :)

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melissa said...

Oh! Those precious baby girls! So much love. Thanks for posting!