Sunday, February 22, 2015

Odds and Ends

The boys are in that wonderful stage when they have a rich fantasy life and they can say lots of words. Things that are normal (and still hilarious) won't be in just a few short months. I'm going to try to record some of the funny stuff they do and say.
Everything is a contest to Emil and Colin. EVERYTHING. Someone wins at Milk or Juice at every meal. When I'm driving, Colin and Emil both like to inform me who is gaining on us and which vehicle I need to catch up with and beat. One day Colin was encouraging me and said, "We're going to WIN!" I told him I was glad he's on my team (I really am). A few seconds later Emil said, "Bwidget and Daddy are on my team." Since then, the "teams" have been set in stone. Colin and I are a team. And we're going to WIN.
Anything that happened more than one minute ago is designated as "wast night" by Colin. If I ask him to finish eating his breakfast (which I do, every day) he says, "I ate that WAST NIGHT." Translation: I ate part of that 10 minutes ago.

Every morning Emil gets out of bed and gets dressed all on his own. If he can find it, he always puts on the green monster truck shirt and "jeans pants." Most mornings he gets every cereal box out of the pantry and puts it on the bar, as well as juice, milk, bowls, spoons, cups and the box of yogurts with scissors. This is why we're putting our money on Emil to take care of us. Bridget and Colin walk into the kitchen, sit on a bar stool and wait for stuff to happen.

Colin and Emil both love to say prayers. Colin's is exactly the same every time: "Our Fathah, thank you. Thank you family; Mommy, Daddy, Bwidget, Cahnin, Emo... Gus, Henry, and Max [Emil's carpool friends]. Christ, Amen." 

Emil's prayers have a little more variety, but they usually start the same way and include the most important event that he's thankful for: "Helly Faddah, good day. Daddy, Bwidget, Emo ride the TRUCK get BUNK BEDS..."

The pictures from the park are from Monday. Bridget and Daddy went skiing and the boys and I went in search of adventure. I try to have one with them every day. At night Emil and Colin like for me to lay beside them and talk about stuff before they fall asleep. Since they are in bunk beds, this is something Daddy can't do for the one in the top bunk. They have told him to beat it, they want Mom to come in. (Bridget would rather have Daddy, so it usually works out.) Emil always wants to talk about cars and trucks. One time I asked him what color truck Daddy should have, "Lellow, wed, bwack, bwoo, pink." From the bottom bunk Colin shouted, "Those are Power Wange-ohs! Daddy no want pink!" Emil shouted back down to him, "My turn, Cahnin! I can't hear that!!!" I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to keep from laughing. Because it's not funny. :)

My favorite from this week was Emil at the fabric store. He was the lucky (?) one to accompany me on a few errands yesterday. While my fabric was getting cut, he played with the bucket of toys. One of the ladies came back and cut some of my fabric right by him and she asked him some of the usual questions. "Do you have a sister?"

Emil: "Yes. Bwidget."

Lady: "Is she bigger or smaller than you?"

Emil: "Bigger."

Lady: "So is she pretty bossy and mean?" Sidebar, what the heck kind of question is that?

Emil: *disgusted snort* "No!"

Never even TRY to say something bad about Bridget! :)

In other news, the boys and I went out to breakfast with Aunt Melissa on Thursday morning. They held her hands as we walked into and out of the party store after breakfast. She is a delicate flower. :) Melissa was on her way to Pocatello for some high adventure. Speaking of, I finished this quilt on Tuesday:
On Friday we had the pleasure of a visit from Uncle Aaron, Aunt Lori, and Cousin Macey. Aunt Lori was coaching volleyball and we missed getting a photo of her (and her new hair!) on the porch, but here are the other two:
Did I mention that Emil dresses himself?

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