Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

As Bridget pointed out to me today, I say this every year - but this year I mean it! This was hands down the best Easter ever! We didn't have any guests or parties, but we did have General Conference, all our favorite foods, coconut cake for breakfast, kite flying, and lots and lots of jellybean eating.

First, between Conference sessions on Saturday, we colored eggs. This was Emil's favorite part. The part he kept asking me about every five minutes starting sometime Thursday afternoon. He's got to have this information! And then forget it immediately.

When Brian left for the Priesthood Session, Bridget and I got to work on a coconut cake. It had to be done! Bridget cracked all the eggs herself. :)
Between the cake and the frosting, there are five cubes of butter. FIVE. It's probably best that I only make this once a year.
I had to squish this under my short cake dome. Note to self: Get a taller cake dome.

Brian and I spent a harrowing night putting a sleepwalker back to bed a few times, avoiding the jabs of a tiny ninja sleeping between us, then a sweaty but cuddly little boy who likes to sleep in my arms and cut off the circulation in my hands. Otherwise known as The Usual. We never get to sleep again, do we. This is the great secret of every parent - there is no more sleeping.
Poor Bridget - this is so funny to me. Here I've captured the moment that they commenced the manic jellybean eating. Each of the kids got exactly what they wanted, which was fun for everyone. Emil told me that the book he got was his favorite book. :) He has a favorite book. 
Hurry! HURRY! There are only 1,283 jellybeans left!
I find Emil in this position all the time. He got a big rig to drive all his matchbox cars around in.
We had these eggs and cake for breakfast. THAT'S the dream.

We took it easy - watched General Conference again. Bridget played Conference Bingo with Brian and me on Saturday, which was very fun and tricked her into enjoying the talks, but it didn't include the boys. Today we had the kids do some General Conference matching and coloring games. It's a lot of hours to keep little kids occupied, but they did remarkably well. And they had their precious, precious jellybeans. 

When the last session ended, I put the kids in their new-ish Sunday clothes to take some official Easter pictures.
I love the way Bridget reacts to her brothers. She thinks they're so funny.
That is Emil's only dance move, obviously. 
So very close. Emil thought we were still doing funny faces.

They changed back into comfy clothes and we drove to the windiest place we know of to test out the new kites. (Each of the kids got a micro kite in their basket and Brian got a big kite in our shared basket.) It ended up being Colin's favorite part of the whole weekend.
I love this shot! I wish I'd changed the settings so the kite is in focus, but I love it.
Bridget was really good at keeping her butterfly kite in the air.
See what I mean? Best Easter EVER. A spiritual feast for two days and cake for breakfast - it doesn't get any better than this.


melissa said...

THAT'S the dream! Great pictures!

P.S. Your nightly ritual is crazytown. Hope you sleep again some day.

allyn said...

You will sleep again someday. You have that to look forward to. A beautiful day. Chance and Emil have very similar dance moves. And I love Bridget's look of boredom while coloring eggs.