Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dance Festival 2015

Ahhh, the Dance Festival. I was mostly defeated by it again. This time I just had Emil with me and I sat by my good friend, Brittany. We showed up five minutes early and sat in an extra chair Brittany had. So far, winning. Emil was good - just the usual complaining about everything and then doing what I ask anyway. They started an hour later than they planned because it was raining, so the principal didn't talk quite as much before the show began. Bridget's class was near the end and their dance was my favorite. The other grades had cute dances with modern songs. Bridget's class did a traditional dance, which sounded more educational to me, and it looked really cool, too.
Even with my zoom maxed out, this is the best I could get. Once again.
The third graders were told to wear jeans, white shirts, and bring a scarf for the teacher to tie on their heads. Bridget started to leave for school with a skinny winter scarf. I'd like to think I saved the day having her switch it for that fancy square scarf.

After the dancing came the awards. First, the perfect attendance awards, which Bridget was obviously not getting this year. Then the Lion Awards - a boy and girl from each class who exemplified the rules and improved academically over the school year. Bridget has been gracious about this award every year, but I can tell she has really wanted it. When it was her grade's turn to come up, I heard a version of her name (they got Bridget right and I know there are no other Bridgets in the school). I grabbed the camera and stepped on everyone in front of me (a lot of people since I'm not willing to get up at 6:00 in the morning to put my chairs on the baseball diamonds at the grade school) so I could get close enough to take a picture and wave to Bridget.
Isn't she adorable? (See? The boy next to her didn't have a mom who saved the day on the head scarf.)
Bridget is looking right at me in this photo and it's making me cry again. She worked hard this year - at everything she tried, not just school work. I love her enthusiasm. Bridget makes the most of everything and she finds the best in everyone. Brian and I absolutely know how lucky and blessed we are to have her for a daughter. (By the way, it wasn't until I edited photos that I noticed other neighbor friends got the Lion Award for their classes. Oh, hey, Sami!) What a thrill to see Bridget recognized by her teacher and the school. I was busting! Good thing I was wearing sunglasses.

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