Monday, November 23, 2015

Winter Quilts

I've made a lot of stuff the last couple of months, but I can't show most of it. Kristi and I had a wonderful retreat earlier this month. I had my very own bathroom! We were in a cabin in the almost-middle-of-nowhere and it was quiet and cold outside, but warm inside. I got so much done! I was super energized when I got home and that led to finishing up some more stuff. I haven't posted one of my favorite projects, so I'll start with that.
My lovely friend, Carmen, published a book with 10 patterns for her grid interfacing. My name is in her book because I did the piecing on one of the quilts. I loved the pattern so much I did a scaled down version, a triple Irish Chain with Moda Bunny Hill Designs "Mistletoe Lane" fabrics. Can you see the ice skates? It wasn't overtly Christmas-y, just winter and I love it so much. Secretly Makenzie was supposed to be pregnant with a girl so I could give her this quilt. But, whatever. It's got minky on the back.

This morning I finished up a mini lone star with cute Christmas fabric. The finished quilt is 20"x20" and since I've made so many big lone stars, it seems to go really fast. So fun! And I love how it looks on the table. 

I love a striped binding. Especially when it's red and white. Like a candy cane. 
Isn't the back so cute? It's Lecian fabric called "Merry Taupe Collection." Not catchy. 

There are several more quilts I've finished and can't publish pictures of for a little more than a month. One is The Most Beautiful Quilt I've Ever Made. I'll probably have to stop making stuff after that one because it's so awesome. That's some quality buzz, eh?

These two are in our etsy shop if you think you know someone who might like to have them. ;)

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melissa said...

These are so beautiful! Nicely done. The other day Harrison pulled out our Christmas quilt that my friend made and said, "Wait, we have a quilt that Aunt Nicole DIDN'T make?" Thanks for keeping us warm. :)