Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The 4th Grade Showcase and Proud Preschool Graduates

Last Thursday was a big day for the kids in our family. Bridget was part of the Fourth Grade Showcase at her school - a program with skits the kids wrote themselves, several amazing songs about Utah and igneous rocks and so much more, and a performance of The Shortest Song Ever played by 75 or so recorders. I embarrassed Brian (not for the first or last time) by laughing uncontrollably during the recorder performance. The accompaniment started two whole octaves below the recorders! The sound was unlike anything I'd ever heard before! It was delightful and surprising, like a roller coaster - I couldn't help laughing. :)

Fourth Graders be crazy, you guys. That's Bridget's friend Brooklyn right next to her on the stage before the performance. I don't know those other yahoos.

I didn't take pictures other than that one. I mostly had a view of the stage through the phone screens in front of me of all the other parents taking videos. I'm always disappointed in the photos I take from way back in the audience and when I take video I feel like I miss everything in real life. My new thing is to take pictures when I've got a good shot or not at all.

After Bridget's thing, we went home for a minute to prepare ourselves mentally for the boys' graduation from preschool. Colin has been going to Miss Jeanna's for two years! Emil was at Miss Carrie's for a year and a half, then Miss Jeanna's for a year. That's a lot of preschool!
Miss Jeanna put Colin and Emil close enough for Brian and me to see them at the same time, but not right next to each other. Smart lady! I'm guessing she's witnessed their total disregard for time and place when it comes to wrestling each other to the death. (Love that cute neighbor friend, Bryce, with his arms folded singing the ABC Song.)
This is Colin spelling his name for Abigail during another song. It's never a bad time to spell your name.
Colin proudly walking back to his seat with his diploma.
Emil looks like such a big boy these days. 
Colin showing off his diploma to Daddy.
Miss Jeanna does such a great job with the kids. She made school fun. :)
I hope the video works. It's the whole performance of Tootie Ta. Yes, I was taping it on my phone and my camera for some of it. It's that good.

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