Friday, July 1, 2016

Daddy's Birthday and Father's Day

Once again, Brian's birthday was the same day as Father's Day this year. We made his favorite breakfast (after an early meeting that required the whole family) and tried to make his day special. He got a new white shirt and tie (that looks way too much like one of his other ties) and corn on the cob holders. So now there are two 42 year-olds in the house, the answer to everything times two. :)
The night before Brian's Birthday and Father's Day, the whole family went to Salt Lake for a Bees Baseball Game. We were on the front row right behind the opposing team (the Las Vegas 51, as in Area 51 - their mascot is an alien) bull pen. We hadn't been there for 10 minutes when someone handed Colin a baseball. Lucky!
Jealous. Earlier in the day the boys had their last T-ball game, so Colin wore his medal, jersey, and hat. That's how you get a free baseball. Emil wore Bridget's hat and tried harder to be cute so he could get a ball too.
Colin and I met "Bumble" during our traumatizing trip to the family bathroom at Smith's Ballpark. 
Our plan finally worked during the 6th inning. A nice pitcher came over and handed Emil a ball. Some cheerleaders told us that we could get the baseballs signed by Bumble and get a free plastic box to put them in, so I took the restless boys to find the bee and get their baseballs signed. Bumble was busy showing off near home plate, so we waited. We had to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" standing up toward the back of the section, which was sad because the boys were READY for that. Finally, Bumble turned around and sprayed the boys with silly string. Emil and Colin just stood there, shocked. It was HILARIOUS. Then Bumble signed the baseballs, we found the boxes, and went back to our seats where Emil could continue his whining about wanting to go home. He made it to the fireworks, which changed his life, so that's fun.
Brian works so hard to make sure we have everything we need and want. And he's super fun to hang out with. We love him!

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