Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Independence Day in Chubbuck

My Mom invited us to come to her house for the 4th of July, so we did! It was a little crazy because we were just back from Bear Lake and Bridget and I had a big trip that started the day after we'd get home from Idaho. We made every minute of our quick visit count. (Also, I secretly think Grandma just wanted to play dolls with Bridget and give her all kinds of goodies to take on her big trip.) We got there pretty late Sunday night, so the celebrating didn't begin until the next morning when Grandma Peggy made EVERYTHING for breakfast and we ate it on their patio downstairs. She even plugged in the waffle iron on the patio so we could have hot waffles!
One of my favorites, Grandma had so much to do in the morning that she didn't know where to start. Colin was up there "helping" her and he said, "I'll go ask my Mom - she knows where to start." Hahahaha! Colin came downstairs to me and said, "Grandma needs to know what to do! She's got the dishes and she's doing this [gesticulates]." It wasn't enough information, so Colin went to Brian and asked the same thing. :) Breakfast finally got worked out and we ate and ate and ate. 

That afternoon Rob, Claire, Ian and Moira joined us and we went to the new Wellness Center near the fairgrounds in Pocatello. It was about 2:00pm when we were there and it looked like most of the people planned on sticking around for the next eight hours while they waited for fireworks. Our group was not prepared for that long of a stay. We let the kids test out the pond, then they did the zip-line and played on a playground.

Kids never stop, so the second we got home Grandpa Bob turned on the sprinklers and the kids ran around for a little while.

As always, the kids played with all the awesome toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There really is something for everyone. :)

Notice a Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelley movie on in the background.
I'm putting this photo here because I can't remember when Bridget got all the dollies dressed in their new rompers and sandals.
I patty-d lots of hamburgers and chopped a lot of stuff for dinner, so this is the last photo from our visit. That's our Uncle Jeff's sister, Amy's child, Max. The boys were so confused! Is he our cousin? No! But Colin played with him anyway and made him laugh hard.

We walked up to a park and watched the fireworks that were far away at the fairgrounds. It was oddly quiet, but very nice. Grandma Peggy gave the kids glow stick stuff and candy, so they were in heaven. Colin had a hard time walking all the way home after such a full day and it being two hours past his bedtime, but we enjoyed every minute. 

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