Tuesday, October 4, 2016

School Days

Bridget started 5th grade this year. It is one of the only two years she'll be at the same school as her little brothers. She was so excited to ride the bus home with them and see them in the halls. Bridget may be the Greatest Big Sister of All Time. Emil and Colin have no idea.
Bridget bought gold Converse high tops with her birthday money. GOLD.
The boys, Pikachu and I walked her to the bus stop on the first day. (Emil is obsessed with yellow.)
Posing with our friends while we wait for the bus. Tradition.
There they go!

One week later it was Emil and Colin's turn. I combed through the paperwork (so very much paperwork) and couldn't find anything about when the bus showed up at our stop. I remembered seeing moms and kids out there around noon last year, so we tried that. We waited for 35 minutes. Two buses passed by and the drivers waved, but didn't stop. The three of us ran back to the house to get in the van and drive to school. (I know now that I probably missed it by 30 seconds that first day.) Of course both Emil and Colin were freaking out about this whole situation. How could they go on when what I told them was going to happen didn't end up happening?! HOW? I got them there - it was fine.
Still excited waiting for the bus.
After 25 minutes of waiting.
I snuck a picture of Colin sitting at his desk. He's next to one of his friends, Gavin, and across from his future flag football teammate, Brody.
There's Emil on the front row of the rug right next to his future flag football teammate, Duke (raising his hand). If I could go back in time and tell their teacher to not call on Duke ever, I would do it. It's a trap! He's just going to tell you he's thirsty!

We're several weeks in now. I have a lot happening, most of it is extremely temporary so I can cope knowing that. I feel like I had five and a half years of constant Go Time (aka keeping Emil and Colin alive) and now I have a greater capacity to handle a busy schedule. Give me three hours off every day and I will rule the world! Suckas.

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Jess said...

My Kaitlyn is also in love with yellow. They would be yellow Kindergarten buddies!