Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Break with Cousins

We were privileged to be part of Aunt Melissa's Fall Break Tour 2016. She took photos of our family, the kids played on the trampoline, Chloe and Bridget made up a dance, and we even played hooky from school to join them at This Is The Place Monument Park. Taylor joined us for the Sunday parts of the visit. He is our Pokemon Expert in Residence and no one is better at Capture the Flag. Every Sunday since Taylor has been at BYU one of my kids asks when we're going to go pick him up. :)
Every time someone from my family is staying at our house, the piano is in use. I love it! Memories.
Poor kids - their Moms are forever taking pictures and telling them where to look. My favorite was Melissa telling Miles how much he would regret his facial expression in this photo. "I should have listened to my mother!" This is the porch of the "pink house" where one of Brigham Young's families lived. The inside of the house was fascinating and I'm super jealous of that wrap-around porch.
The dining room at Brigham's.
They had pony rides for the kids, but Chloe was too tall. She fought back some tears. Bridget didn't ride a pony either, even though she's way under the height limit. I love those two cousins/friends.
Emil was all over milking this fake cow.
 Tee he he! Melissa is milk maid material for sure.
We spent a lot of time in the little play village. It was kinda the perfect day.
The petting zoo was very up close and personal.
Lunch on the balcony of the Huntsman Hotel.
Bridget really needed this shave!
Emil is such a beautiful boy. :)
We found the donuts!

We had four hours at the park, but it flew by. After the donuts, Melissa helped her kids find a statue of one of their ancestors (we'd already been in his home). Fun and educational! We won that day.

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melissa said...

So much fun! Thank you for making time and roast for us. :) We had a great time.