Thursday, March 2, 2017

February We Hardly Knew Ye

February went by pretty fast. I did a lot of stories for the Lehi Free Press because I wanted more foldin' money for our trip to New York. I got to go to Roots Tech for free this year because I was covering it. Once again, I was inspired and energized by the speakers, the classes, and the amazing concert Brian and I went to at the Conference Center.
I shot this from the balcony above the Exhibit Hall.
This is a CAKE, you guys!
They had free cake after the keynote speakers. Yaaassss!
Emil and Colin had a ski lesson on the Family Discovery Day, so Bridget and I went to the Salt Palace on the train to go, just the two of us. We heard President and Sister Nelson speak, looked at the unbelievable cakes in the cake contest, listened to Sister Sheri Dew and two former Philadelphia Eagles, Vi Sikahema and Reno Mahe (Mahe lives in Lehi and his wife was Bridget's volleyball coach a few years ago). The food and the music spoke to me this year. :) I'm on board with my callings now (church calling and self-imposed family historian calling). Git 'er done.

Then there was Valentine's Day. The boys picked out Valentines during one of our Field Trip Fridays, so they were set. Bridget procrastinated like crazy and I ended up at JoAnn's the day before getting stuff to make a box as well as Valentines to hand out. 
 The boys signing their Valentines. They both remarked at how hard this project was. Sigh.
Bridget was so excited to take her Chewbacca Valentine box to school! I totally STOLE the idea from a friend who posted her son's Chewbacca box on Instagram. Stealing feels good.

Brian took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's house, picked up some wings from Wing Shack in American Fork, and came home to watch a terrible movie (Jack Reacher 2) with me for our Valentine's date. :) Later that week we learned how to country swing at a ward party, then we did some Victorian dancing at Brian's cousin's fundraiser ball the very next night. It was kind of exhausting doing all that stuff, now that I'm remembering it. We had something every night that week! 

Probably the biggest event in February, though, was Cousin Janessa getting home on the 28th. She's been in Peru for 18 months serving a mission. Bridget and Colin had shy attacks at seeing her again, but Emil was cool. She's been in our prayers for so long and she's been gone for almost a third of Colin and Emil's lives, so I kind of get it. We're so happy she's home safe and so proud of how brave and awesome she is.
Darin, Dena, Janessa holding Brighton, Jake, Kelsey holding Olivia, Jed together again!
I'm putting this here because Janessa's missionary tag was filthy and it makes me Olympic cry to see that.
Olivia met Janessa for the first time when Janessa got off the plane. Now we know Olivia understands Spanish! Good to know. :)

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