Monday, July 24, 2017

Official Family Photos

Remember how Melissa did all the family and individual pictures for everyone at our family reunion? I do! I'm going to post them here because then they'll be in our blog yearbook.
Is there a computer screen big enough to see everything in this photo?! So many people! Let's see if I can name them all (from left to right): Rob, Claire, Ian, Moira, Marco, David, Gabriel, Makenzie, Claire, Ruby, Weston, Jen, Ben, Henry, Ethan, Taylor, Lilja, Noah, Adam, Emma, Banks, Allyn, Denham, Aron, Peggy, Chance, Bob, Bryce, Matt, Vivien, Katy, Anya, Evie, Helena, Eliza, Emil, Brian, Nicole, Colin, Bridget, Harrison, Jeff, Miles, Chloe, Melissa, Lori, Brennan, Aaron, and Macey. What do I win?!

Our family was toward the end and my kids were very patient. And no one destroyed their clothes! Melissa was able to swap Emil's "blah" face for the smiling one and put it on the photo where everyone else was smiling. The magic of Photoshop!

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melissa said...

Seriously, your kids were SO PATIENT! Thanks for being so good looking!