Wednesday, November 29, 2017


We had a Viking Halloween in 2017. Bridget got her costume last year, so she's known she was going to be a Viking for a while. Colin wanted to be Ash from Pallet Town and Emil wanted to be a cowboy, but Brian convinced them to be Vikings with Bridget because it was Bridget's last year of Halloween costume parades at school and it's so fun to have group costumes. Colin said, "I can be Ash next year." I am SO EASY, because that still makes me teary with love and pride.
Bridget had such an amazing costume and I wanted her hair to be awesome too. Thanks to Alicia Cutler I know I can buy bags of hair at Taylor Maid for just such hair situations. I had Alicia do a four-strand braid, then I attached it to the hairdo I did in Bridget's real hair.
Every time I tried to take Bridget's photo her eyes would water like crazy. 
She looks so tough. :) And so different without glasses!
Bridget and Sami at their last Halloween parade at the grade school :(.
I "made" Emil's magnificent cape. Fur from JoAnn's and one of the millions of scraps sewn on like a binding for a tie. I bought the helmet and sword online and we got his awesome beard at Taylor Maid. That facial hair was my favorite thing! I watched Emil hold the mustache and beard back while Bridget put candy into his mouth. HAHAHAHAHAHA! (Mark Cutler made Emil a cool belt out of some of his leather scraps.)
There they are at the inaugural trick-or-treating at Daddy's new work. That cape, right? It's so heavy.
Oh, man! I can't see this sight without cracking up! It's funny because it WORKS. I bought Colin's entire costume online (Costume Craze). I didn't get him any weapons (that's Bridget's shield) because I knew that I'd be walking around every party holding them. I ended up carrying his helmet and putting his mustache in my purse a couple of times. Totally worth it. 
There they are trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.
I was taking photos of my kids in their costumes right before the ward party and Micah came over in his costume. I was crying with laughter at this sight - I could barely take the picture! Why is this the funniest thing I've ever seen?! 
Of course we visited Grandma and Grandpa that night. The kids were looking a bit rough by that time, but we did convince them to keep all the hair on to show Grandma and Grandpa.

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