Friday, April 22, 2011

Fats and Slim

The babies had their 4 month well-check yesterday, so it's time to report on their fourth month of life.


Emil weighs 14 lbs. 8 oz. and he is 24 inches tall.  I really thought he was heavier.  He loves to eat!  So much that I started giving him rice cereal during his afternoon feeding.  He's grown out of all the 0-3 month clothes and the size 1 diapers (which look like a loin cloth on him and are about as effective).  That means he's in different sizes than Colin. 
 Emil loves to rock, whether it's listening to Bridget sing or a CD.  (Lately that would be Billy Joel's greatest hits in a 2-disc set from Costco.)  He chuckles, but he hasn't had a good belly laugh yet.  Every time he sees or hears Mama, Daddy, or Bridget he smiles really big.  Emil also knows his Grandma and Grandpa and is happy to see their faces, too.  He likes making "g" sounds when he talks. Emil squirms and grunts and his eyes ask "why" every time we try to tickle him or blow on his belly.  Party pooper.  And Champion Pooper.  He's also one of those babies who can fall asleep anywhere, which is one of my favorite thing about him.  Emil still has almost no hair, hazel eyes with beautiful long eye lashes, two chins, and thunder thighs.

Colin weighs a measly 10 lbs. 12 oz. and he's 23 3/4 inches tall.  He will grab anything we put on his belly,  whatever is hanging from the little gym, his brother's wrist as it flies in front of him and lick it like a lollipop.  Food... meh.  He's in the .62 percentile, though, so he's going to start loving food now!  For a small fry, he likes to poke Emil in the eye and use him for leverage when he's trying to scoot around.  Pretty nervy.  This morning Emil was "talking" to Colin and Colin looked like he was listening patiently.  
Colin has come so close to really laughing - when Bridget sings "Pony Boy" to him, when Daddy does the jackhammer legs, and when Mama gums his chin it gets him going.  He's got almost no hair, too, but what he has looks strawberry blonde.  His eyes have been getting bluer and bluer all the time.  Colin won't fall asleep anywhere, but we can wrap him in a blanket totally awake and he'll be asleep in a few seconds.  He and Emil are both sleeping through the night like good boys.  Now if only Bridget would sleep through the night...


Kristi said...

Am I getting this right? He's less than the first percentile? I love him already. Who knew I would love little babies so much? My boys are both less than the fifth percentile, little shrimps. ;)

allyn said...

it is surprising that there is such a size difference between them. i still think they would look more alike if they weighed the same. colin needs a little fat on him. i am soooo happy for you that they sleep through the night now. that is HUGE.
they are adorable.