Monday, June 27, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Scenes from Oakley, Idaho 1981

I'm guessing on the year - it could have been 1980.  It looks like summer, except for Katy.  That's kind of a theme with her, though.  I actually remember this day (if not the year).  Grandma and Grandpa Furniss were visiting and Grandpa took the four of us on a walk around the nearby sights in Oakley.  We went to the high school and sat on the rock that gets painted every year.

This time I'm wearing the green pants!  Yay to have a color version of these polyester cargo pants.  You're welcome.  And Katy is wearing church shoes again.  Classic Katy.  I think my Mom gave me a perm that morning.

Grandpa told me once that this was one of his favorite photos that he ever took.  He was being serious, so I've tried to figure out why for many years.  The composition is great, for sure - the sign for Oakley, the tracks, the building and the clouds.  All good.  Grandpa just took so many pictures that I wonder. :)  The building was moved many years ago to a different location and someone lives in it now. 

(Hahahahaha!  Bridget just came in and asked me who "those kids" in the photo are.  After I told her she said, "Where was Aunt Melissa?"  Missed again, Aunt Melissa!)


melissa said...

I wasn't going to say it, but yeah, where was I? Probably napping. That second picture has always been one of my favorites, too, for reasons I can't explain. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

allyn said...

two of my favorites, actually. i loved picking paint out of the holes in that big rock. easily entertained, i guess.
also, i love that katy is not wearing socks with those church shoes. mmm...i can smell them now

Rob said...

You're all so little!!

Katy said...

I can just hear my mom telling me to grab whatever shoes I could find because my grandpa wanted to take me on a walk. At least my hair is combed and my clothes match, even if the shoes are a little formal. My children never seem to get the whole "matching ensemble" thing right, and their hair is always a rat's nest no matter how much we comb. I love both of these photos. Probably the one and only time we were ever near those train tracks, but I remember playing on that rock quite often.

Daniel Davenport said...

Oh my. We lived in the upstairs of the depot. My father was the RR agend at Oakley. We moved to Burns, Oregon in 1952. In 2002 my wife and I went to Oakley for the first time in 50 years. Sadly the depot was gone. Had I known it was moved I would have gone knocking on the door. I looked for a picture of this depot for many years and yours is the first time I have found one. Thank you so much for sharing.

Dan Davenport