Friday, June 24, 2011

Sew & Tell Friday: Oasis Apple Core and Sweet Sixteen Drunkard's Path

Amy's doing a Sew & Tell Friday for July today!  This post is old, but I still did it!  I made stuff in June.  Go see what everyone else did.

I had my Oasis Apple Core quilt done up and it turned out very sweet.  I used some of my gift certificate to Thimbles & Threads for the borders, binding, and back.  They don't carry any 3 Sisters fabrics, so I improvised with Riley Blake fabrics.  I'm not great at improvising and mixing fabrics from different designers, but I like how this worked out.  In the end it was between a fat stripe in cream and dark pink or olive-y green with white polka dots for the binding.  I let Bridget choose.

It's a crib size and grandma-y in a good way.  Also, it's for sale, so you know, tell your friends. :)

Next!  I finally did a quilt in the Drunkard's Path block.  (I've been wanting to for a while.  That's why "finally.")  The pattern showed several ways to put this thing together and I chose "Rocky Road to Dublin."  Then I fell in LOVE/LUST with Laundry Basket Quilts "Sweet Sixteen" line of fabrics.  Especially a gold yellow with flowers and stuff on it.  I used that one on a fat border to show it off more.  I finished the top late last night and couldn't tell if I'm in love with it.  Maybe I just need to see it quilted.  There's an Amish square in there somewhere, too.  Once the borders were on I couldn't find it anymore.  Can you?

Of course it only occurred to me later as I was labeling my pictures and using the name of the fabric line and the name of the pattern (like I always do) that I had made a "Sweet Sixteen Drunkard's Path."  Talk about a bad example.

I used that turquoise for the path because I wanted it to look softer, but now I'm wondering if I should have gone with a darker fabric for the path.  It's done now!  I didn't even pick out the Amish square (a.k.a. mistake) - I'm certainly not making another quilt.


I had Crazy Wendy quilt this for me and she did a fantastic job, other than complaining about how long she worked on it and the like.  (Seriously?  I paid her for her work, that means she doesn't get to tell me that my quilt ruined her night, right?  Right?!)  I hung it up in my entry way and then noticed it matched a bench in my room perfectly, so I moved the bench to the entry way too.  I could sit in my front room and look at it for hours.

I wanted it in time for all my guests to see it and shower me with praise.  Ha!  Worked like a charm.


Angie said...

I love that being drunk and a rocky road to Dublin are all in the same quilt. Seriously, it's gorgeous. Well done.

Jess said...

Sweet Sixteen Drunkard's Path? How funny! You crack me up.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Love the soft colors in the 1st quilt and turquoise in the 2nd. Sweet 16 Drunkard's Path...hilarious!

Visiting from Sew & Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! ☺

Cille said...

Love you Drunkard's Path quilt :)

notes of sincerity said...

Your quilts are just beautiful, but I *love* your apple core quilt!! :o) Just precious!!!

p.s.phyllis sews said...

I love both of the quilts. Curved seams are so tricky for me. Your work is gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous!! My favorite has to be the apple core, But I really like them both!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

The apple core quilt is very sweet and I love the turquoise drunkard's path!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I love how both of your quilts turned out! Very nice.

Jenniffier said...

Wonderful work! I like the boarder and binding on the apple core it fits perfectly!